Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Topps Mini Group Break - Starts Now!

Here's a Group Break for next-to-nothing. Claim a team here and now.

UPDATE: All teams are claimed! I may have a new group break some time after the new year if all goes well.

Step 1: Read this post.
Step 2: Leave a comment here claiming a team
Step 3: Click on my profile and send me an email with the team that you claimed and your mailing address. If you can't or don't want to send me cards, we can discuss payment in a follow up email.
Step 4: Wait a couple of hours or so.
Step 5: GOTO 1 (and claim another team if you're into that sort of thing)

Arizona Diamondbacks - Caitlin Jennings
Atlanta Braves - Colbey Hopper
Baltimore Orioles - Night Owl
Boston Red Sox - The Lost Collector
Chicago Cubs - Nick
Chicago White Sox - Caitlin Jennings
Cinncinnati Reds - Red Cardboard
Cleveland Indians - Play at the Plate
Colorado Rockies - hiflew
Detroit Tigers - Caitlin Jennings
Houston Astros - JR50
Kansas City Royals - Josh D
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Jimmy
Los Angeles Dodgers - gcrl
Miami Marlins - Caitlin Jennings
Milwaukee Brewers - Tony L
Minnesota Twins - Play at the Plate
New York Mets - gcrl
New York Yankees - Caitlin Jennings
Oakland Athletics - JR50
Philadelphia Phillies - Dawgbones
Pittsburgh Pirates - Matthew Scott
San Diego Padres - Night Owl
San Francisco Giants - JR50
Seattle Mariners - Caitlin Jennings
St. Louis Cardinals - Cards on Cards
Tampa Bay Rays - Caitlin Jennings
Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate
Toronto Blue Jays - RAZ
Washington Nationals - Play at the Plate


  1. Ahhh no, how did I miss Yanks by one minute?

    Can I claim Boston? Kills me to do that, but need some Red Sox trade bait.

  2. Royals! Email forthcoming.

    Thanks for doing this.

  3. Reds, baby. Many thanks. Email on its way.

  4. I'll take the Cubbies. Email on the way, thanks!

  5. If enough time has passed and no one wants the Twins I'll take them.

  6. The Twins are yours! This is now open to picking multiple teams.

  7. I would be interested in the Toronto Blue Jays.

  8. Marlins please, if enough time has passed. Thanks!

  9. White Sox? Whats the limit on number of teams?

  10. Caitlin, if you want to do the trade we discussed, you can claim 4 more teams (in addition to the Yankees and Marlins.)

  11. Damm, did I really lose Red Sox cards to a yankee collector?

  12. Damm, did I really lose Red Sox cards to a yankee collector?

    1. I'm not proud. At all. But hey, you may end up with sone of them.

  13. White Sox, Orioles, Tigers, Mariners.

  14. Oh, you're right. Rays then.

  15. I'll as to the pile for the Nationals.

  16. I think everything is updated now. Whew. JR50 actually claimed the Astros first, but I was holding off to see if any of the Astros collectors I've traded with were interested. Enough time has passed that I'm giving them away now.

    There are still 5 teams left by my count. Let me know if anything looks wrong, other than The Lost Collector's name next to the Red Sox (ha).

  17. Boo work. Missed the Angels by a mere 7 hours...

  18. Awesome I didn't get hurt by forgetting about this break. I'll take the Rockies.

  19. When are you breaking?

  20. If no one is claiming the Indians, I'll take them too and send them to David. He's always giving stuff away.

  21. I'll take the Dbacks as well if no one wants them.

  22. The box was shipped but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll do the box break as soon as I get it. I'm not going to be recording this thing or doing a blow by blow pack breakdown, but I will do a nice post with scans of all of the non-base cards for you all before I package them up.

  23. You know, seriously, if I hadn't bought a box of minis already....

    But really -- how the hell are the Brewers unclaimed?

    I guess I *have* to claim them. I'll send $$$$, if that's okay.


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