Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Group Break Update, a New Contest, and More

Just a little housekeeping here.

Late last week I sprang a little group break on you all. I just wanted to let everyone know that the box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, although it's being delivered by USPS now and they have left my mailbox empty for the past two days. Unless there are unforeseen delays with the box arrival, I will have everything sorted and ready to send out by early next week.

The Bowl Pick 'Em Contest is back for a sixth year. It will be open to all past, present, and future participants as always. Check this space soon for details. If you signed up last year and still have the same email address, you should already have your invite by now. Look at some of the crazy names of bowl games they have now! Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl? And don't get me started on Bitcoin...

I purchased a bucketload of cards from COMC to take advantage of their Black Friday free shipping deal, including a bunch of oddball Ozzie Smith cards and the snazzy Matt Carpenter bat card that adorns the top of this post. If you're looking to send me (or Erin) any cards from our respective player collections, I encourage you to check the hyperlinks which should point to the collections on Zistle. If a card isn't listed there, I don't have it. I know opening huge lists that point to another website can be tedious, but there is a search box available if you just want to look up one or two things and don't want to scroll through my 552 Ozzie Smith cards. (Can't you tell that I'm proud of that number?)

Finally, I neglected to thank Sportscards From The Dollar Store for the amazing LaMichael James "event-worn" jersey card that was used in Friday's Ducks post. Cards on Cards regrets the error. The card clearly paved the way to a thorough beatdown of the Arizona Wildcats and landed Oregon in the big playoff game at the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. You will likely see more of buckstorecards' generosity in future January Ducks posts, of which there will hopefully be several.


  1. I've never been super into the minis, but I'm excited to see what comes out of that box...

    Are there Griffeys?

  2. No Griffeys, unfortunately. It's just the base set and a condensed version of The Future Is Now inserts, plus parallels. It looks like the memorabilia and autograph checklist doesn't include him.


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