Monday, December 22, 2014

Rejoice, Rejoice, for The Group Break Hath Been Broken

The highlights of the 2014 Topps Mini Group Break.

I don't know why I thought it would be a great idea to do a group break during the busiest time of the year, but here we are. After suffering through a bought of petty mail theft (isn't that a federal crime??!) and sending a lot of apologetic emails out, I have finally received the (second) box of minis and have opened and sorted said box. As it always goes with these things, some did better than others. Here is a scan of every non-base card.

Caitlin Jennings walks away with the box hit. As she had the most teams in the break, this isn't entirely shocking. 2014 was truly the year of the injured pitcher, and it will be interesting to see how the promising Tanaka does going forward. Congrats to Caitlin, who gets a nice pinstripe for her troubles.

The only true insert set in this product is a condensed version of The Future Is Now. I'm sure by now that we're all pretty tired of looking at these. There are a bunch of Cardinals in this set, none of which were pulled from this box.

Pink cards are a 1:16 pull, which means you get an average of 1.5 of these per box. I feel sorry for whoever ended up with a half of a card. This is numbered 13/25.

Another injured pitcher.

There were quite a few Royals in the box, which should make Josh D happy. 09/63.

Gold cards are a 1:7 pull, and we pulled 4 of them, again exceeding the odds slightly. I was just kidding about the whole half-card thing, guys. This is 48/63.

Even more injured pitchers.

Here's another hit! And it's a more difficult pull than the jersey card, in fact. I've never heard of Moises Sierra, but his black parallel is numbered 5/5. I think RAZ will be pleased.

Here's the other pinko. The Lost Collector stunned us all by taking his rival team after his Yankees were grabbed, but I know there's no shortage of Boston fans out there that he could send this monstrosity off to. 07/25.


The Cubs came up seriously short in the base card department, so I was glad to see that Nick was at least able to snag a numbered card here. 33/63.

Was Sonny Gray hurt in 2014? If not, he'd probably be careful when getting in and out of the shower. That can be slippery, you know.

It's a goldie for Colbey.

Finally, here's one of the newest Padres, 2015's real life fantasy baseball team.

By the way, I neglected to mention that I decided to assign base cards featuring multiple players to the team with the most players on a card (in the case of two or more players on the same team) or to the team with a player on the left-most side of the card if all things are equal. I think that's usually how most people do it, is it not? If not, please respond angrily in the comments.

I will do my best to have everything in the mail no later than New Year's Eve. I'm on vacation after tomorrow, which will throw another wrench into my plans. Thanks, everyone, for participating!


The Lost Collector said...

Thanks for the break, Kerry!

BobWalkthePlank said...

Thanks for the break!

Anonymous said...

Nice break!

Red Cardboard said...

My entire life I've dreamed of owning a pink Zack Cozart card. Now my dreams have come true!

Josh D. said...

Lots of Royals? Gold Greg Holland??? Sounds good to me!!! :-) Thanks for running this!

flywheels said...

I know how much work hosting a group break can be, so a big thank you is deserved!