Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Topps: The Hanger Pack

Some highlights of another batch of new Topps cards I purchased.

I stopped by Target yesterday and am now very thankful that my trip earlier in the week was derailed. I never would have made it into a random Fred Meyer and I never would have found 2015 Topps cards, because my usual Target still doesn't have any of it. In fact, they pulled almost all of their baseball stuff off the shelves in the fall (or maybe it all just sold?) so the aisle is mostly football and hockey stuff which doesn't really interest me.

Anyway, here's some stuff I got in the $9.99 hanger pack.

This is another one of the "rainbow foil" parallels. They're basically budget style refractors.

Here's what the gold parallels look like. They are certainly different than in past years, with more of a foil sheen to them. I miss the old glittery gold look, but I would certainly take an improved base set design as a trade-off. Like in recent years, they are serial numbered to the current year in raised black ink.

This is a very specific sounding insert set. Does this series only have right fielders, with the other outfield positions being saved for subsequent sets? I guess I didn't research this very carefully. I have a feeling I'm going to wish Topps saved the Heyward inserts for later in the year when they would be bound for my Cardinals binders.

The best pitchers in the NL. Kershaw did distance himself a bit from the rest by the end of the season, of course.

More Kershaw, this time side by side with Fernando on another "Old Guy, New Guy" card.

Lance Lynn is a great pitcher. There, I said it.

This was a thing that happened in 2012.

This is probably my least favorite insert set from 2015. It's just ugly.

The 1st Home Run inserts have gold versions that are probably limited to these hanger packs, which will probably make them challenging to collect. I got two in the box, which is probably standard. This is all just speculation on my part.

That's some serious Pitcher Face!

Here's the other gold 1st Home Run insert, which will head straight for Erin's Tulo collection.


  1. There are Robbed in Left cards, too ... and that's as far as I've researched that.

  2. I pulled a 'Robbed in Center' in mine, so I think they just go for all three outfield positions.

  3. Still not sure what's going on with the epicenter logo-quake in the lower right corner of the 2015 base card design.

    The baseball history insert set also looks weird to me, like a designer was positioning and cropping images into templates, and then just decided to take a screenshot and call it done mid-stream, with the image editing handles still visible. "Nailed it!"

    Also, once upon a time I would have been excited about a Topps insert set with coins and stamps integrated. But in 2015, it feels like that Topps hosted a "Hobbies for People with One Foot in the Grave SUMMIT 2014", and consipred with the philatelist mafia and the numismatic cabal to create an unbeatable super-product! Or not.


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