Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spanish Silver Ink

It's officially the NBA All-Star Break!

Victor Claver may not be a Blazer by the time the league resumes play as the trading deadline is looming and his playing time has been rather scarce. That didn't prevent me from picking up a snappy certified autograph of the third year Spanish forward thanks to a Listia auction win. Like others on the Blazers bench, Claver found a lot more playing time a couple of seasons ago when Terry Stotts took over a struggling team with an inexperienced bench. After the team added a few pieces and stormed out of the gate last season, playing time for the less experienced players dried up. The process repeated itself this year. While some (Meyers Leonard?!) have stepped up their games given additional opportunities, others like Claver and Will Barton have sat for long stretches. I do like Claver's game, and it's hard to improve on what you have when you don't have a chance to show it.

All that being said, I'm interested in pretty much any Blazers card I don't already have, autographed or otherwise. Just so you know. Now, back to your regularly scheduled (baseball) programming.

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