Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Radness is Over!

Here are the results...

All of the games have been played and Duke has walked away with the coveted trophy and the accolades and all that. That means that our contest is done for the year. That means there are winners to announce.

Four of us picked Duke to go all the way, including the top 3 in our little contest here. Congrats to brianp1913 (1st), mattu (2nd), and The Lost Collector (3rd). In 4th place and also eligible for a prize was P00PSH00TER who clearly just wanted me to type that name one last time. And finally, no one was worse than The Raz Card Blog. He'll get a prize, too, if you want to call it that.

Send me an email to claim your prize so I don't have to hunt you down!

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  1. I knew my bracket was busted early on, but I didn't realize it was bad enough to be the worst in the whole contest.


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