Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Cleaning Sign-Ups

Only true Ballers need apply.

I am divvying up my extra unwanted cards from sets that I collect into piles of teams. I teased this awhile back, but all you need to do is sign up for a team and find a minimum of one card from one of my many want lists (player collections, team collections, or sets) to get a pile of cards from your favorite team. Of course, I would be happy to receive more than one card, but I would be perfectly happy to exchange a pile of this stuff for a single needed card sent to me in a plain white envelope. Please just choose one team unless you are positive you have several things to send me.

This is not for the doubles-phobic, but there are some short prints and a few notable inserts/rookies/not exactly junk cards. Everything must go! If you are familiar with the sets I do collect, we're primarily talking about Heritage cards (Topps and Bowman) as well as Allen & Ginter. There are a few other oddball sets that I like and have some extras of. And if there are enough cards to justify the upgrade to a priority mail bubble mailer (or if I'm just feeling generous), I may (may? ha!) toss in some extras. You never know!

I unfortunately have to restrict this to USA addresses only, unless you able to provide compensation for postage up front or are otherwise able to work out a deal that will make the extra expense worthwhile. If you are from another country and find something on my "trade list" that you really must have, I will definitely set it aside and put it in a standard white envelope for you. Fortunately, that still only costs $1.15.

Finally, if for some crazy reason you can't find a single card that I need (I have a lot of needs), you can arrange to send me the $6.10 it costs to cover a priority mail bubble mailer full of stuff.

Arizona Diamondbacks 
Atlanta Braves - (sending to Jaybarkerfan)
Baltimore Orioles 
Boston Red Sox - Swing and a Pop-Up
Chicago Cubs - cubsfan810
Chicago White Sox - 2 by 3 Heroes
Cinncinnati Reds 
Cleveland Indians - TSHenson
Colorado Rockies - (sending to Infield Fly Rule)
Detroit Tigers - Dennis
Houston Astros - The Dimwit
Kansas City Royals - Jupiterhill
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - The Angels in Order
Los Angeles Dodgers - Night Owl
Miami (Florida) Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers - (sending to Off Hiatus)
Minnesota Twins - (sending to Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary)
New York Mets - Steve D.
New York Yankees - The Lost Collector
Oakland Athletics 
Philadelphia Phillies - Spiegel83
Pittsburgh Pirates 
San Diego Padres 
San Francisco Giants 
Seattle Mariners 
St. Louis Cardinals - @ChrisWNation
Tampa Bay Rays - Jeff Jones
Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate
Toronto Blue Jays - (sending to $30 a week habit)
Washington Nationals / Montreal Expos
No Team/Non-Baseball - Play at the Plate


  1. Put me down for the Rangers. I have decent pile for you, including an auto and relic or two.

  2. I don't know how you'd still have any Dodgers after all those mailings, but then again I have cards for you right here, so send me some Dodgers!

  3. Hey Kerry,

    I just sent you a small trade package if that counts, but I'm happy to pay postage too. Can I please get the Tigers?

  4. Send me all your Red Sox, please. I have to have some Cardinals you need somewhere.

  5. Send me all your Red Sox, please. I have to have some Cardinals you need somewhere.

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  7. I can knock out most of the 2015 Opening Day Cards for you and the Stadium Scene too for some Royals cards.

  8. I'd be willing to take the Mets off your hands.

  9. I'll take the non team non baseball stuff too. I'be got a sizable stack coming your way.

  10. I will take the Indians cards off your hands. I have a nice size trade package waiting to send to you.

  11. I would sign up for the Nationals/Expos but I already have made TOO many trade commitments to bloggers that I am still trying to catch up on.

  12. This sounds like a great idea. I will pick the Phillies just to get in on the action. Thanks.

  13. Looks like the braves are gone, can't find your want list though I am on my phone

  14. I'd take the Jays.

  15. SHoot - how did I miss this? White Sox please.


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