Sunday, June 7, 2015

E-Mail Order Cards

A few recent online purchases.

I feel like I don't do this often enough here, so I thought I'd show off some cards I bought recently to add to my collection. I usually find another reason to buy cards from COMC and then figure I'll save on shipping by throwing in a few (or a lot more than a few) purchases for myself. This time, I was shopping for things to fulfill contest prize obligations while finding an excuse to add some stuff I really like for myself at bargain prices. Bargain prices are the best.

Seeing Jim Edmonds wearing red and not playing for the Cardinals or the Angels just seems wrong. Still, his post-Cardinals career cards can be few and far between, so this gold parallel of his final Topps card (2010 Topps Update) was a nice pickup.

I think buying base cards from stupid high end sets is probably the best use of online resources, so I never hesitate to pull the trigger on stuff like this Ozzie Smith 2014 Triple Threads card.

Now that Kevin Siegrist is back to being a good pitcher again this season, I couldn't help myself from snagging this Heritage High Numbers card. It looks like a boring old ordinary Heritage card, but the card number has a fancy H in front of it because it's all different-y and stuff.

99 cent Matt Carpenter serial numbered Purple Chrome Refractor? 99 cent Matt Carpenter serial numbered Purple Chrome Refractor.

Just like its Triple Threaded cousin, here's another boring old high end base card of The Wizard. Ho hum.


  1. Always admired Edmonds' hustle and grit. Also always loved 2010 Topps. Makes for a great card.

  2. agreed on the high end base cards, love picking them up for 20 cents off sportlots or out of quarter boxes.


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