Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That Time I Got Derek Jeter's Autograph

Certified. That's right.

Something funny happened after I headed home from a card show last winter. I had plunked down a relatively small amount of cash on a box of 1997 Bowman cards with a rather hilarious $125 guarantee (guarantee void in Tennessee) and one of the more hideous designs lurking within. Several minutes, a camera phone pic, and a Tweet later, my phone was buzzing nonstop. Despite the gold colored wrappers and the promises of fortunes within, I was not expecting anyone's autograph, certainly not a surefire first ball Hall of Famer. If I was going to get anyone's ink, it would be Ray Ricken's (...whoever that is. He kind of sounds like Cal Ripken's unlicensed second brother that no one ever talked about.)

I finally got around to sorting the box last night. In the next few days, I'll most likely throw the Jeter card up to the eBay wolves for $99.99. I could try $125, just for giggles, but that could be a stretch. Who knows?

Well, we've all seen and probably fallen asleep on 1997 Bowman base cards, and the Cardinals crop in this set is relatively depressing. The farm system sucked during the Walt Jocketty era, let us not forget. Here's what else I got, insert/parallel wise:

Bowman International's Best (1:12 packs): 2 
Or Bowman's Best International? I don't even have any idea. The entire contents of my first pack, which included Hideo Nomo's card from this was posted here last night. (No one else will read that post because it was bumped off the top by some new and improved stuff.)

1998 Rookie of the Year Favorites (1:12): 2
Elieser "Eli" Marrero, backup catcher (and occasional utility outfielder) to the stars!

Bowman International (basically every pack that doesn't have a rare insert): 19
Not that you can read his name, but that's a rookie Vernon Wells right there in front of that blurry flag. Man, foil cards scan like garbage as everyone knows.

Awkward rookies! (many)

This is the thing that Bowman is and was best known for. This seemed like a particularly strong crop. Beckett refuses to recognize this Beltran card as his rookie card for some moronic reason that I can't figure out. (Most reasonable people can't figure out why someone like me would continually type "beckett.com" into his browser.)

This is the money card, with Berk leaning against the front of his old pickup truck with the Astrodome lurking in the background, like he was already ready to leave this game in the dust.

Great pitcher who fell under Canadian rule for a long time.

Ha! I don't know what to say.

This one is particularly legendary, as are several of Werth's early '90s nerdcore issues.

If you're lacking 1997 Bowman cards for some reason, let me know if you need something here. I may hang on to the Berkman and one of the two Halladays and Beltrans I pulled for a little while, but I don't have any real reason to keep the rest.


  1. Beltran's RC is 1995 topps traded. The infamous wrong player pictured. Juan Lebron is pictured as Beltran is pictured on Lebron's rc. UGH! makes his Beltran rookie card uncollectable for me. I at least want the right guy pictured on the card.
    Yeah, I don't know when the last time I have been on Beckett.com. What is a rookie card and what isn't overall is a struggle for me to figure out.

    SO I pulled an Allen Craig jersey card out of 2015 Topps Series 2. any interest? I have none in it Thought about as Eday fodder but better probably for tradebait

  2. I'm interested in the Craig card if you still have it. What do you collect?

  3. I still have it. My collecting is kinda random. Here is my blog.. http://hardballcollecting.blogspot.com/ My posting is out of date but the wantlist isnt. All else fails, I will take Tigers or MSU Spartans that is comparable to the Craig,



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