Monday, March 7, 2016

A Canadian and a Gentleman

Treasures of the North. 

It's not every day that someone contacts me about a low level minor league team set from 1988, but I'd be a fool to send that email straight to the trash, right? The Cardinals had a short season class A team in Hamilton, Ontario for five seasons before they relocated back to the States, and recent trade partner (and Cleveland Browns fan) Dawg Day Cards happened upon the team set in question and sent it my way. I'm familiar with the gold 1988 ProCards design because, if memory serves me, my very first minor league team set was a Portland Beavers set from the same year.

Mark Clark was the only player I'd heard of in the entire set, which isn't all that surprising considering the success rate of low minors players. I did get quite a kick out of this J.P. Gentleman character, and am considering using this as an alias when I get ultra famous and need to travel incognito on the road.

As with our previous trade, Angus sent some absolute O-Pee-Chee gems that were lacking in my collection.

You could pretty much grab any '70s OPC card out of a hat and there would be a more than favorable chance that I wouldn't own it. This will slide in along side Red's Topps counterpart in my binder.

Three batting leaders are featured here in OPC form, not that you can tell by the front design, of course. But there's only one of these folks that I am concerned with, and he's currently a big shot executive in the MLB office these days. La dee da.

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  1. Happy to see them find a good home in your collection!


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