Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Super '70s

Poorly scanned cards from a forgettable era for the Cards. 

My scanner does not like cards from the '70s at all. I actually looked in to replacing the thing a few months ago when there were some clearance deals at the local office supplies chain store, but I couldn't find a machine with specs that were markedly better than the machine I have for a price I can live with. I own an all-in-one Canon MP480 that uses roughly $5 worth of printer ink per printed page, so it would be better to just call it a scanner. I got it when Circuit City was going out of business. It's showing no signs of slowing down, but there are just some things it doesn't like to do and never will.

Mark Hoyle seems to be best known for two things: generously sending out vintage cards in trades and not being a blogger. He sent a bunch of great cards of old dudes and '70s stuff to me recently, and my scanner decided to scan some of them. Let's check out a few.

There are four guys on this card (obviously) and I've maybe heard of one of them (Taveras? I guess?) But something tells me that the Cardinal, Heintzelman, is the least well known of this group.

Hungo! The Mad Hungarian! I know he isn't the only one. Are all Hungarians mad? Are there gentle Hungarians? Anyway. this is just a reminder that live actual counting baseball is just around the corner, and it will only be a matter of days before Al is telling Cardinals fans how it is and how it used to be on FSN Midwest.

Reggie is literally pitching in front of approximately 5 people. Let's hope that he was just warming up, although he appears to be in full stride here.

Ah, the classic "look up at the sky so we can see the insides of your nostrils" (and obscure your cap logo). This one's for all the (two) people who acknowledged the demise of Airbrushed Fridays. I see your Mets pinstripes, Shamsky. I see them.


  1. No blog yet but have been more active on Twitter showing off some of the collection. Hope some of the vintage Cards fit in your collection.

  2. Great action shot of Mr. Cleveland!


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