Tuesday, July 19, 2016


A greater than great set of cards from @Lost_Collector 

I like to say that every trade I've made through the blog over the years has been great, but certainly there are occasions where something I get back is a little more... great. This is probably one of those teams. Sometimes I struggle to find an overarching theme when I want to show off a bunch of cards I got in the mail, so let's just say this group of Cardinals and Blazers was G-R-R-REAT, Tony the Tiger style.

In his age 39 year, Carlos Beltran is still very productive when healthy, so he's been a name that's been bandied about in trade talks. I'd have to say that I wouldn't mind seeing him back in St. Louis, with his name tossed in Mike Matheny's daily lineup raffle.

It's easy to get wistful when you see a nice Brandon Roy card, but the guy did accomplish quite a bit in his brief career. The Blazers haven't had many 3-time All-Stars in their team's history -- only four others accomplished this in a Portland uniform.

Jim Edmonds was talking about injuring his unnaturally huge oblique muscles on the air during a game the other day. Talk about a humblebrag.

Meyers Leonard just re-upped with the Blazers for another 4 seasons, so the team that made the surprising playoff run will be largely in tact come next fall. This is a good thing. Hopefully this enormous 3 point shooter will stay healthy all season.

Here's a lefty swing even Jimmy could envy. I assume Stan's oblique muscles were made out of weapon's grade titanium alloy.

I've never been more tempted to buy a Topps Now card than I was this past weekend after Adam Wainwright threw a shutout on the day the entire 2006 World Series team (give or take a Carpenter) was in house to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Which is to say, I was just slightly more tempted than I am to walk out into the street in front of a speeding bus.

Obliques, Achilles... why do I know so much about strangers' limbs and muscles and tendons? Sports are weird.

Here's hoping that Wesley Matthews comes back stronger than ever next season, even though he'll be wearing the wrong uniform once again.

Thanks again to The Lost Collector, who may be intrigued to know that I own two distinct pairs of New York Knicks themed socks. Throwbacks, of course.

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  1. Stance socks?

    Glad you enjoyed the cards and hope you needed a few of them.


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