Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rooty Tooty Fresh & Looty

Ketel, anyone? 

June's @thelootlocker box arrived recently, once again bearing fruit. I had skipped a month of the hobby packs-a-month club because I ran out of time to buy in for the previous month. I have considered getting an automatic monthly subscription, but I probably should take a look at reducing other monthly recurring charges that are not card-related before I dive in with both feet.

This month's locker came with a pack of 2016 Gypsy Queen, and said pack had a numbered (19/50) framed mini of the Mariners rookie shortstop. I recently sent a hoard of M's stuff to Supertrader The Junior Junkie, so this didn't make the cut, and I honestly don't know if he actually likes the Mariners or is just hoping that some unusual Griffeys fall out of the flotsam.

The centerpiece of the box was a 2016 Finest pack. Topps pulled some last minute switcheroo on people with this product that got some high end feathers ruffled somewhere, turning it into an online only product. I think that's why the July box has gone back to 2015 Finest. In any case, I don't often get to bust packs that are in the $10 range, so I thought I'd show off everything here.

56 - Peter O'Brien - No indication that he's of any relation to former Ranger Pete O'Brien, though with all of the baseball Jr's running around these days, you can never tell.

83 - Carlos Carrasco - I've heard some say they weren't thrilled with the font here, but it's different and it's not like I'm going to have stacks and stacks of these cards and get totally sick of them. It's... something. I do like the lines that stretch across the card in abundance. Topps should feel free to do stuff like this with their fancier products and leave the digital effects out of their flagship set. (I can't hate that set with enough passion, folks.)

76 - Anthony Rizzo Purple Refractor (91/250) - It's a shiny numbered Cub. Someone else will like this more than me.

90 - Zack Greinke - Greinke seems to have a weird non-following for someone who is a great starting pitcher. Great but not otherworldly. Still, as the card back indicates, he's racked up 47 WAR over the course of his career. That is impressive, especially when you factor in his early career struggles with the Royals.

89 - Starling Marte - Marte is a beast in the field and a terror on the basepaths, especially when the Cardinals are facing his team. In another uniform, I'd probably be a pretty big fan.

Pack 3 was a 2016 Panini Diamond Kings pack. They are really nice looking overall, for an "art" set. I did manage to snag most of the Cardinals from this one at a card show earlier this year. I skipped all of the base cards (which, again, are pretty nice looking) and went straight to this King Felix Aficionado insert. Look, someone drew a flag on his cap! I think these are actually just "painted over" photographs, or at least I was hearing people grumble about that at the time they were released, but I don't hate them. They would run laps around that National Chicle disaster from years ago, especially if they had real logos.


  1. Oh! Oh! I've got some Cardinals I can send your way for the shiny numbered Cub.
    Let me know!

  2. I would be interested in the Ketel Marte and Felix Hernandez, plus any other Mariners, if you are interested in a trade. I will look to see what Cardinals cards I can pull together.

  3. Looks like fun packs to bust. Like you said, it's not often you get to bust a $10 pack, even if it wasn't the best results.

  4. I'm definitely in the "hate the front" camp. The purple Rizzo ain't bad, but those lines are too crazy for me.


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