Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Emotions running high. 

Aledmys Diaz belted a grand slam tonight in his second at-bat since returning from a temporary leave of the team. He was mourning the loss of his close friend, of course, the All-Star pitcher with otherworldly talent, Jose Fernandez.

My first ever card of the rookie SS came to me from a Cardboard Collections group break. It was a riskier break than I normally participate in (most of the pool went towards an all-hits product) but I did net the entirety of the Cardinals 2016 Topps BUNT team set, minus the one card I already had. It worked out very conveniently in that regard. All I'm lacking is a couple of inserts, but I am in no hurry to find them.

If there's anyone out there who is looking to start a Jose Fernandez collection, I have this retail-exclusive Chrome Update card from his rookie season. I'm sure I have a number of inserts as well, since I've never come across any Marlins collectors. Get in touch.

When I found out the news about Fernandez, it gave me an eerily similar feeling to what happened nearly two years ago, when the Cardinals top prospect also died way, way too young. Although the circumstances were different (alcohol was a clear factor in Oscar Taveras's death), it definitely dredged up some feelings from that day. Fernandez, now the Marlins all-time single season strikeout leader, had already accomplished quite a bit in his brief career. Still, these were promising young lives cut incredibly short.

Both cards are being added to the Cleaning list (the Taveras was an accidental card show purchase because I already had a copy.)

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  1. I have a player collection of Jose Fernandez and would be interested in any cards of his that you have. I started the pc a couple of years back on the urging of a friend when I was trying to decide on a new pc to focus on.


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