Friday, November 4, 2016

Mo' Hoops

Time to quit while I'm ahead. 

I went back to the well and ordered up a second blaster of 2016-17 NBA Hoops, and was shocked to pull a Will Barton patch card from the days where he played for my beloved Blazers. Shocked, I tell ya! Barton was drafted by Portland but traded to Denver a couple of seasons ago in a trade that really didn't pay off for the Blazers. Still, this will probably be the best thing I ever pull out of a cheap retail blaster, so I can't complain.

Along with a few more Blazers base cards towards my team set and a Joe Young card for my Ducks collection, there were the usual crop of inserts and parallels. Let's look at 'em.

It's the Greek Freak, freakin' on the hoop.

Chris Bosh might not ever play again, so it's kind of weird getting his card.

I have no idea who this is.

The young Lakers beat up on the superteam Warriors tonight. I still dislike the Lakers.

This looks like the cover of a bad Sega video game.

This again. Moving on...

Nope, I still don't get it.

Closing things out with a couple of dopey looking expressions...


And a Stuckey.

These will be queued up for various Basketball Club participants, but feel free to let me know if any of these looks particularly interesting.

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Billy Kingsley said...

Nice patch pull! Looks like the tail of the z and part of the e to me. I always love trying to figure out where the patch is from.
McCulloch was a second round pick last year, and spent most of the year out injured. He's played some this year but is probably destined to be a role player. My first Brooklyn era Nets patch was of him.