Tuesday, December 6, 2016

November's Loot

Another month in the books, another box from @thelootlocker to unpack. 

The Loot Locker is an online store/monthly service that sells a box of hobby packs and card supplies for just the cost of a blaster box. I've purchased their baseball box quite a few times this year, and I feel like I've had pretty considerable luck. This month's box includes packs of 2016 Bowman Platinum (x2), 2016 Bowman Chrome and 2016 Panini Diamond Kings.

Bowman Platinum is supposedly a Walmart-exclusive, but the packs definitely have the "Hobby Edition" logo on them. I think that means that Walmart actually sells the "hobby" boxes. I don't even know what hobby means anymore! What I do know is that I managed to pull a signed card of a young Twins star with lots of the proverbial upside. The autograph is on a piece of tape, but not everything in life can be an on card signature.

Out of the Chrome pack came this purple Cespedes refractor. Yoenis, pictured here in an '86 throwback jersey, just re-upped with the Mets.

Behind door number three was the pack of Diamond Kings, a product I've already seen my fair share of. what I hadn't seen before was a mini card fall out of one of these packs, which is what happened here. I also don't believe I've ever pulled a Dom DiMaggio card before. There's a first time for everything!

Put Tim Raines in the Hall, people. Sheesh. I can't believe the self-appointed faux commissioner Bud Selig gets elected before this guy.


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