Monday, December 5, 2016


Double the Piscotty, double the fun? 

How did I not know there were two Stephen Piscotty cards in this year's Topps Allen & Ginter set? Well, I'm not going to complain too much, because it's not like it's Aroldis Chapman or anything. Allen & Ginter uber collector Matt sent me another bangin' batch of bizarro Allen & Ginter cards from the dark side, this time hooking me up with my first look at the 2016 offering.

Topps really makes a lot of weird mistakes like this these days. Someone more cynical than I might argue that stuff like this is intentional, but if they were going to purposefully throw in extra cards of a key player it would most likely be someone from the Cubs, or Trout or Harper or something.

This year's version is a little more of a no frills look, using the same card stock as the regular set. Matt also sent over some more Cardinals needs from last year's 10th Anniversary Issue, where the cards had some foil printing and more of a smooth finish to them. Here's a comparison of Matt Holliday, side-by-side with last year's version. He's a... Yankee now. That's gonna be weird.

There's only one card of the Wizard in the set. Ozzie looks a little jealous.

Big thanks again to Matt!

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Fuji said...

Two Piscottys... and only one Wizard. Shame on you Topps! ;)