Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Some COMC Acquisitions

A celebration of online commerce. 

I've been doing a rather poor job of documenting my online purchases here, especially when it comes to single card purchases. I've never really been excited about buying "singles", preferring to leave things up to chance and open packs (after packs after packs.) It's a really dumb way to collect. I do like card shows and the randomness of what you might find in some guy's dime box, but again -- the randomness is there. While I'm less excited about this than a trade package, I should probably throw a few of these single purchases up on the blog from time to time. Here's a few that I had shipped over from recently.

2007 Topps Heritage was one of the first Heritage sets that I started collecting, mostly out of its relative affordability at the time (2008 Heritage was already out by then.) This set is super annoying, chock full of variations with the team logos, team names and player names. All of this is supposedly a tribute to the original 1958 set, which is fine. It's not a bad set, perhaps just a little bit boring. Again, I was buying packs of these because they weren't very expensive. And here I am, nearly ten years later, with a huge chunk of the set still to fill. For what it's worth, Eckstein's "yellow name" variation doesn't even technically fill a set need, as I needed it for my Cardinals collection.

Here's Ichiro's "yellow name" variation. You can't really go wrong with a short printed variation of a legendary player like this, as much as I want to complain. This also fit inside my typical "anything under a buck" COMC budget.

I always make sure I snag a couple of the most affordable Jim Edmonds jersey cards. Eventually, I will run out of cheap ones to buy, but he kind of has a lot of these out in the wild.

I guess this is technically a Padres card. But his Cardinals picture means it's a Cardinals jersey chunk, right? (This was probably just hanging on the wall collecting dust at a Just Sports location in the mall, wasn't it?)

I also snagged a number of 2010 Topps Heritage short prints (these ones have the white backs) for less than a dollar. I think getting Evan Longoria's card for so cheap is a good value, although I'm sure this went for something like $5-10 back in 2010.

I actually had this Ron Brewer autographed card in my COMC inventory for several months before I finally got around to putting together enough cards to make it worthwhile to ship. It was strange to see that this card existed, as Brewer didn't really have the kind of career that lived up to his high draft selection. His son Ronnie also played in the NBA for awhile. In any case, it's a cool card that I really didn't expect to see and never would have known about if not for the almighty Internet.


Matthew Scott said...

For several years I went with the open packs philosophy, but had to stop because I was accumulating wayyyyyyyy too many cards that didn't fit my collection.

By the way I received your package in the mail!!!! Thanks

Chris said...

2007 Heritage is one of my favorites as well. It took me about 8 years to get all the SPs and variations, but I finally finished it - thanks to COMC. (Now I've got to do the same for '17 Heritage)

The Diaz and Brewer cards are very cool as well. I always enjoy reading about other collectors' COMC acquisitions.