Friday, September 1, 2017

Where the Redbirds Roam

So many Cardinals cards, so little computer time. 

I've been sitting on this for far too long for reasons I can't really determine. A huge, huge package of cards came my way this past June from super Giants fan ARPSmith, and I've only managed now to scan some of the cards and write about it. I think sometimes I just get intimated by the thought of writing about trade dealings when I could easily go on for days about a hundred of these cards. Perhaps it was because of this weekend's Cards/Giants series that served as a reminder, but I finally managed to whittle it down to a near dozen or so things to post about.

Remember these? Chipz?! I still like them. A few different years (2013, 2014, 2015) are represented here, and someday I'd like to look over some checklists and figure out which ones I still need. Wacha glows, just so you know.

Any time I get a Fleer Greats card, I feel like I have to throw it up on the blog.

Here's a red 2004 Bazooka parallel for my Jimmy Edmonds collection. My scanner seems to unfortunately forget what red looks like sometimes, as I've noticed a lot of my scans are turning out a shade that resembles something you'd see at a gelato shop.

Sometimes those All-Star blister sets are the only thing in the card aisle that looks like it could have a card that would fit in my collection, but I've never convinced myself to buy one. Usually our shelves have Mariners team sets and at least one of the All-Star sets. Of course, if my team was available, I would buy one every single season no matter how much I despise the Topps flagship design.

I do like buybacks that are older than me. I don't need 1992 Topps checklists with a special stamp, though.

There were lots of Big Mac insert cards in this package, but I somehow knew that this one would look the best in the scanner. There's been a little bit of chatter about McGwire getting a manager job someday, but I would be really surprised if that happened to be in St. Louis.

Oh man... food issues are the best. Circular food issues? Even better. King-B produces a Quality Meat Snack, and I kind of love that this sat at the bottom of a puck of dried meat before it was set free to the wild.

Wait... are these pogs? I've never owned a pog in my life. This is awesome! Thank you, Ted Williams Card Company (and ARPSmith, of course.)

With Trevor Rosenthal's Tommy John surgery confirmed last week, it looks like his Cardinals career has come to an end. It's bittersweet, of course, that it was just starting to look like he'd found whatever was missing from his game for more than a season as he'd struggled, lost, and finally regained the closer role since the beginning of the 2016 season.

Red Yadi rookie? Red Yadi rookie! Say it thirty times fast.

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  1. Glad you like the cards. I wish I was only backed up to June on posting card packages I received.


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