Wednesday, November 8, 2017

All Over the Place

Some idle thoughts about some random cards. 

I'm all over the place tonight. Sometimes, that is the best frame of mind to be in when writing about cards. We'll see how that goes. Here are a few thoughts about a few cards sent to me by Night Owl Cards.

I'm not going to pretend I like Topps BUNT all of a sudden, but I do want to express my appreciation for serial numbered cards. I am always a sucker for them. I really don't know what Topps was going for with these weird, washed out color parallels in this set, though.

The 2015 World Series seems like a long time ago right now! If you had asked me yesterday what the World Series cards looked like in the 2016 Heritage set (or the 1967 set it's based on), I probably would have shrugged. I do like the designs that look like old TV sets, though, which probably explains why I'm a sucker for that one old Bowman set.

I'm not wild about the non-baseball subjects that have crept into Allen & Ginter in recent years. I suppose it's a sign of running out of ideas, or a desire to cover as much ground as possible. Truthfully, I went ahead and scanned this card because the other two set filling needs I received from the 2015 set were both PED users. I think people's attitudes are starting to gently shift towards not caring so much about this anymore, but I can always find all sorts of excuses not to scan cards for the blog.

Ted Simmons was recently announced as a member of this year's Modern Era Hall of Fame ballot. I hope he gets in. I don't have any specific memories of Simmons as a player, but I know that he was one of the top catchers in the game in the '70s. I did see him play a bit in his waning years on WTBS, so I am obviously and perfectly qualified to cast a ballot.


  1. Simmons was very good and one of my favorites. I remember being fascinated in 1982 when he was playing against his former team in the World Series. It seemed so bizarre.

  2. That Simmons rookie card is so undervalued in my humble opinion. He was such a great ballplayer. I'm hoping one of these days Topps finally adds him to their Archives Fan Favorites autograph checklist.


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