Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Cubs Box

I need to purge. 

At some point in 2016, when it became completely clear that the inevitable was going to happen and the Chicago Cubs were actually going to win the World Series, I decided I needed to rid myself of every trace of the team. Fortunately, there are a lot of Cubs fans out there and I was able to distribute a lot of stuff to people I trade with that I knew they'd appreciate, just by my natural process.

As I went through all of my cards, I started tossing out every single Cubs card. And from there, the Cubs Box was born. Since transferred to the two Loot Locker boxes you see above, I have a bunch of Cubs cards that I need to get rid of.

That's where you, the reader, come in. Do you want a bunch of Cubs cards? Great. All you need to do is send me one thing from my want list. It doesn't really matter what, as long as it's clear that I do want it. I will cover all of the shipping. I just need to get rid of these cards. I doubt I will continue to exclude Cubs cards from the rest of the sorted masses of things I have available to trade, but getting rid of all of this will certainly make me feel better for whatever reason. If you want to send me more than one card, that's totally fine, but I'm not expecting it. Bonus points if you hit up something from my Top 10.

Disclaimer: There's a lot of junk wax in here. There are some cards from the (late) 2000's as well as some current and newer stuff from the 2010's in here, but, I mean... if you look at the picture, I'm sure you're going to recognize the healthy stacks of '91 Fleer, '90 Donruss, etc. If you want to recycle or donate a lot of this stuff after you receive it, I'm totally cool with that.


Trevor P said...

I have some cards set aside for you. I'll check them against your want list when I get home tonight. I'm pretty sure they were on there.

JediJeff said...

Instead of shipping, can I pay the cost for lighter fluid and a book of matches?

Trevor P said...

Yep, I'll have an envelope out to you with some goodies from your wantlist if I can claim the Cubs box!

madding said...

Sounds great. It's claimed!