Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Affordable Pacific

'90s Group Break results. 

Long-time blog Cardboard Collections has been doing affordable group breaks for, well, a long time. Recently, this has turned into a Facebook group called, you guessed it - Affordable Breaks & Giveaways. (Okay, maybe you didn't guess it.)

The first break I signed up for since joining the new group was a low budget '90s affair: boxes of Pacific from 1993 and 1994. While Lee Smith was the only card I needed from the 1993 bunch (the box was a Series 1 box and most of my needs are in Series 2), I did manage to knock off a good grouping of cards from the 1994 set.

Jose Oquendo, the Secret Weapon. Oquendo is back coaching third base and working heavily with the infielders again after a two year DL stint. Everyone is kind of sort of hoping he's the answer to the Cardinals recent decent into baserunning blunders and defensive shenanigans.

Tom Pagnozzi, former All-Star catcher!

These early Pacific cards were really cool about showing off photos on both sides of the card. If you're not going to do the full stats thing, this is the way to go.

Bob Tewksbury was a rookie (with the Yankees) when I first started collecting cards, and I always felt he was vastly underrated. Well, it didn't feel like he was rated at all. I always dug him and his unusual last name, so it was cool when he became a Cardinal.

My second, randomized team ended up being the Red Sox. I still have Red Sox leftovers from this if anyone has any Pacific team sets to fill.


  1. I've never done a group break, but I came close to joining this one just because of how annoyingly tough it can be to find early-era Pacific.

  2. Nice Cards there! Hey, I am looking for some Red Sox from 1993; Greenwell, Brunansky, Rivera, Vaughn, and all card numbers 353-363.

  3. EP- unfortunately, it looks like those are all from Series 2, which is the same problem I'm running into. I wonder how much a Series 2 box goes for?

  4. I love cheap wax so I'm all for breaking boxes like this. There's always some fun found in these. Thanks for the post. Roy


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