Monday, April 9, 2018

Stickers, Anyone?

A couple of packs of stickers to calm the nerves.

Sports are too overwhelming right now, and I don't know what else to do, so here are some stickers. I picked up a couple of packs of 1981 Topps baseball album stickers on Listia awhile back, mostly because the wrapper looked awesome. It is awesome, in fact.

199 - Mike Schmidt - The HOF third baseman gets things off to a nice start. I always liked this version of the Phillies 'P' logo, as it coincided with the period where they were the Portland Beavers parent club.

79 - Johnny Wockenfuss - Wockenfuss didn't have a Schmidt-like career, but he does score extra points in the name department.

10 - Cecil Cooper - A lot of blue on this one.

67 - Miguel Dilone - I have no idea who this is, but the striped stirrups are a good look.

91 - Paul Molitor - Pack 2 kicks things off much the way that Pack 1 did, with a Hall of Famer.

102 - Butch Wynegar - As I've mentioned before, the Yankees were the first team I really paid attention to when I was old enough to understand such distinctions as teams and players. I remember Wynegar catching for New York, insomuch that I was aware of his existence.

179 - Bill Russell - Not the legendary basketball player, of course, but being a 3-time All-Star is nothing to sneeze at.

46 - Carlton Fisk - We end things with another world class baseball player in Fisk.

Even this creepy kid approves.


  1. First sticker packs I ever opened.

  2. I, of course, do like that Miguel Dilone sticker but then again he is a former Tribesman.

  3. Pretty sure these were the first sticker packs I ever opened as well. Regardless... I know I've seen the creepy kid at some point in my lifetime.

  4. Pretty good pull. The Wookenfuss alone made it all worth it. Schmidt, Molitor and Fisk are throw ins. :) Good stuff.


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