Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Different Kind of Group Break

Get ready. 

I teased this on Twitter recently, but I have purchased some boxes of cards in preparation for a group break here on the blog that will correspond with a certain major milestone around here. The important points to note are that the break will essentially be free and will be minor league baseball focused (with other opportunities to snag stuff for other sports/interests). Aside from opening some product, I am hoping to put lots of cards in the hands of others who have read this blog over the years. There will be the usual team slots, and some other slots to grab that will be a little more fluid in what cards they could contain. We could also just call this a giveaway, if it's easier to think like that.

In other news, I bought in on a break over at Tracy's Box Breaks several months back, and for whatever reason the cards got buried under piles of other cards that I haven't gotten around to writing about. I have neglected my duties here. I apologize.

The break was for a 2017 Topps factory set (the big draw being a randomly assigned numbered Derek Jeter relic that came with the set), 2016 Topps Archives Snapshot, and 2014 Topps Mini. I struck out on the first two and already owned all of the base cards from the Mini set, but did land this excellent gold parallel of PC guy Matt Carpenter. The gold cards are numbered to just 63 in this online-only product, so I ended up content here.

Tracy always throws in nice bonuses, too. This Rick Ankiel card from the thick 2001 E-X set somehow wasn't among the hundreds of early '00s Ankiel cards I've collected over the years, thanks mostly to this blog.

Alex Reyes is coming back and he's heading to the rotation! This is crazy exciting news. My MLB At-Bat app is going to be bursting with no-hitter alerts in no time. (I am deadly serious here.)

2005 was the first year I opened a baseball card pack since the '90s, so it seems appropriate to be told to "rediscover" a card from that year. Or does it? In actuality, I am pleased to get any kind of buyback card of a guy who I actually actively collect.

Still, hands down, this has to be the best of the bunch. Food cards are the best cards.


  1. Indeed, that Yoohoo card is awesome. And I'm looking forward to the upcoming giveaway.

  2. Food cards are the best cards. Agreed.
    Group Break with minor leaguers? Now you're talkin'!

  3. Agree with P-Town Tom! A group break with minor league cards sounds awesome.

  4. Sounds like fun. Did you get my email the other day? I've pulled a couple hundred cards for you.

  5. Yahoo! Love these cards! the bright yellow borders don't hurt either! As for minor league cards - obscure players and great team names = a lot of fun!

  6. I am not sure if I ever told you in all the time we have traded cards, but the Cardinals are the one National League team I try to follow. Plus they have great cards in which I like to send your way. Anyway, I am looking forward to your upcoming break/giveaway. I call dibs on the Cleveland!


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