Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pizza Time!

I love food issues. 

Confession time. I had an eBay auction in my "watched items" for at least a year, possibly longer, for a partial set of Blazers cards that were given out for free. It pained me to pay a lot of money for these, but after consuming a few beers at relatively new local brewery, I decided to take the plunge. I just paid money for pizza cards.

I don't think these cards were well promoted. If I recall correctly, a couple of seasons ago, with any Papa Murphy's pizza purchase, you could get a free Blazers card. There was a different player for every month of the season. It always sounded like something I would be totally into, but for whatever reason I never bit on it. There are two Papa Murphy's locations nearby, both about a mile away from where I live. I've never been a huge fan of their take 'n bake pizzas, but I'm also not against it. It's pretty hard for me to knock pizza of any kind, Papa John's notwithstanding. Maybe I just didn't want to ask some teenager for my free promotional basketball card while I waited for my order to be completed?

One of the most interesting things about this set is that it's fully NBA licensed. Panini did this! It's legit. Despite the fact, that the set is barely Google-able, the only officially licensed company was involved. As far as I know, these cards were really only promoted during local Blazers game broadcasts.

The minimalism of these cards is kind of a crack-up, but it's fun to see the 4 Questions format on the back. Ed Davis is a cheese pizza kind of guy. (Ed Davis is my kind of guy.)

The only (so far) ex-Blazer in the set is Mason Plumlee. Mase just seems tailor-made for dorky food issue cards. This is great.

Breaking Bad is actually my favorite TV show of all-time, so I'm with Plumlee here. Unfortunately, I can't take him seriously after seeing his answer to #3 here.

And finally, here's CJ. McCollum is probably the most media-available guy here in our little local market, but I wonder if he has any idea that he is featured on a Papa Murphy's pizza card.

Mission Impossible...? Be more specific, CJ!

Missing from my set at this time are two guys, Damian Lillard (obviously), and the guy that was also a lottery pick the same year as Dame. That guy is Meyers Leonard. It makes sense that Lillard's card is hard to come by, but Meyers? Seriously?


  1. We are talking Papa John's. BLAH!!!!

  2. Never tried Papa Murphy's Pizza... nor do I collect basketball... but I do love me some food issues. Best of luck tracking down the final two cards for your set.


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