Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cards from the Old School

An envelope of goodies from an old school blogger. 

If you haven't been keeping up with reading the blogs, you should drop what you're doing right now and go follow Cardboard Junkie and his return to Cardmas. It's a worthwhile, somewhat profane ALL CAPS read. Just what we need in the waning moments of 2018. These posts got me thinking about how I got (re)interested in cards and how I would gobble up all internet content related to baseball cards at one point.

Another long-time blogger, GCRL, who now authors the excellent Cards as I See Them, sent along an envelope full of Cardinals a few months back. Now is the time to share the contents of said envelope.

Luke Weaver joins other recent young Cardinals (Stephen Piscotty, Aledmys Diaz...) with tons of cards in sets and no place in St. Louis anymore. There was a time that I was really excited about Weaver, and I still think he will probably be a pretty good pitcher, but his career now continues in Arizona thanks to the Paul Goldschmidt trade. Carson Kelly was part of the deal as well, but he doesn't nearly have as many cards as Weaver.

I have a huge soft spot for the 1981 Topps design, so I was pleased to see it part of this year's Archives set. My first ever baseball card -- and I'm not really sure how I acquired it -- was a copy of Robin Yount's 1981 Topps card. I still believe it was some sort of cereal box giveaway, but my limited research has not produced any evidence of a special cereal set in 1981. No matter where it came from, the Yount card (sadly no longer with us) must have been a garden variety 1981 Topps card.

Topps Fire is sort of like the Marvel blockbuster action movie set, only for baseball cards. Does what I said even make any sense? I'm not sure anymore. All three of these guys are still with the Cards and figure to have prominent roles on next season's roster. Hopefully Martinez's health will allow him to stay in the rotation this time.

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  1. Never made the connection before... but now that you mention it... I can totally see the Marvel action movie connection to Fire.


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