Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Filling in 2018

Ticking off some more boxes thanks to @marcbrubaker before the calendar winds down.

Remember The Astrodome stopped by the ol' mailbox once again with another envelope of Cardinal needs. This time, everything was from 2018 sets, which is great. I would like to take down some more of these base needs before the calendar flips to 2019. (Is there an Ohtani for 2019? It kind of concerns me to consider what could happen if Topps doesn't have a shiny new object to focus on.)

I still can't tell you why, but I enjoyed this flimsy little Big League set. With Paul Goldschmidt joining up with the Redbirds today (I can't believe I just typed this!), Gyorko will be returned to his rightful place as a utility guy.

2018 Topps Big League base cards still needed: 167, 254, 378

Topps Fire is a set I love to rip on, but certain people seem to love. And I'm okay with that. I actually don't mind these nearly as much as the "art" sets that Topps puts out these days.

Yadi! It's always good to get a Yadi card.

2018 Topps Fire base cards still needed: 14, 64

Seen on this '93 style Coming Attraction insert from 2018 Topps Archives, Jack Flaherty had a terrific rookie year. I am hoping he will only continue to build on his successes.

2018 Topps Archives base cards still needed: 147

Thanks again to Bru! And feel free to let me know if anyone out there has any 2018 set stuff that I could use.


Scribbled Ink said...

I am excited to see what Flaherty turns into. I wonder what your next post will be about...

Fuji said...

Second day in a row that I'm regretting not throwing some Big League into my Black Friday shopping cart. Solid design.

Bru said...

Been so busy lately, but wanted to stop by and say you're welcome! It's nice to have someone to send all those Cardinals to. Glad you enjoyed them.