Thursday, December 6, 2018

Traded Thorzul Anything

The annual Topps Update-for-anything swap. 

Veteran blogger Thorzul has been doing an annual trade thing now that's been going on seven years. It's a simple premise and a great idea. He buys a hobby box (jumbo? I can't remember) of Topps Update when it hits the streets, and offers up all of the cards that he doesn't have marked for himself. All you have to do is to promise to send something - the "anything", in this case, is a free-for-all. As he always gives a full write-up of whatever you send, people are usually very generous with their "anything".

The two cards I claimed were the Marcell Ozuna rainbow foil parallel, and this Ozzie Smith Don't Blink insert. Good stuff for me. I still need a lot of inserts from Update.

It's a great idea and something I should consider stealing someday.

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