Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Pile of Cards Found Underneath Another Pile of Cards

Cards from @flywheels back in August make a reappearance. 

Cardboard Collections is the home of the Affordable Group Break, and I must have bought in to one last summer that was quite Panini heavy. Unfortunately, after logging everything I needed into my collection, I apparently misplaced the stack underneath another stack of cards that I've also neglected to write about. (I'll have another Affordable Group Break from Colbey to post about soon.)

2013 Panini Prizm represented the bulk of my want list needs, including the Prizm/Silver version of Oscar Taveras's Top Prospects insert and this 'RC' of long lost shortstop Ryan Jackson. Jackson spent the last two years with the independent Sugar Land Skeeters, if anyone was wondering what he was up to these days.

Panini made one real attempt to resurrect the Pinnacle brand, and then quietly moved on and pretended nothing happened. Some concepts just don't work well without logos.

Obligatory Yadi card!

The true gem of the lot was this Alex Reyes black parallel of his Scoreless Streak insert from 2017 Stadium Club. With Reyes back on track to be a contributor to the Cardinals roster this season, it's time to start dusting off those old Reyes serial numbered cards like this one... and send 'em all to me! Thanks!


  1. I hope Reyes comes back as good as ever! Seems like a great dude. We're basically best friends since I met him at the airport.

  2. Can't go wrong with Yadi or Waino. Good cards.


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