Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Case Break Ship Came In

It's a #crackinwaxmailday as we look at my case break goodies from 2019 Topps Series 1. 

Crackin' Wax is easily my favorite case breaker site out there, even though I feel like I haven't been able to take advantage of their services nearly enough. (The Cardinals are a popular enough team that their slot is often gone when it's a PYT (pick yo' team) break.) They do a lot of things for charity and just generally seem like some good people. I did sign up for a year long prepayment program for some upcoming Topps and Bowman breaks, so this won't be the last you see from Crackin' Wax.

If I really want to enter this sweepstakes, I guess I need to find another one of these cards. I don't want to scratch off the code. Of course, I could probably use a code for a player who I don't make a collecting priority.

Man, gold parallels keep somehow getting more and more disappointing. Long gone are the days of the shiny metallic gold finish. In its place are some ovals or something.

This is another one of the gold parallels (numbered to 2019, of course.) Ponce de Leon's elbow got lopped off by my scanner, probably because it was angry that the card is actually slightly crooked. How does that happen these days?

Here's Harrison Bader's Rookie Cup card on the Topps Vintage Stock parallel. It's numbered to 99. As I always say, I wish all of these cards could be printed on so-called vintage stock like this.

In yet another one of those endless parallel scenarios, Jack Flaherty's Future Stars card appears on the same design as the gold -- only this is blue. Apparently it's for Father's Day. It wasn't released on Father's Day, however, so it just seems like a confusing name. (It's numbered to 50. Cool!) Flaherty was great last season and hopefully avoids any sort of a sophomore type slumpy thing.

The case break left me just one short of the 1984 tribute insert team set. I still need Miles Mikolas, if anyone has one to spare. A lot of Molina photos that are used show him in his catching gear, so it's nice to get a bit of a change with this one.

Another cool thing that Crackin' Wax does is include the cards hobby promo packs (aka "silver packs") that they earn by spending $$$ on hobby stuff. I think other breakers probably do this as well, but I still think it's nice. It's another shiny Ozzie for my collection.

Patrick Wisdom finally got his shot at the big leagues last season and played reasonably well, at least with the bat. Of course, with the glut of hitters who aren't known for their defensive skill at a particular position, he promptly got himself traded this offseason for utility guy Drew Robinson.

This was one of the biggest hits of the break, which of course makes it all the more disappointing that Wisdom is with the Rangers now. I don't really want to bust out the checklist now and whine that it wasn't Player X or Player Y, though. It's always awesome to get a low numbered autographed card on my favorite team. It's certainly not something that happens to me often, especially when dealing with the luck of the draw.


  1. Nice pickups. So is the autographed Wilson the base 84 picture and the Hobby promo Wilson a variant, the other way around, or neither?

  2. You know, I used to care when there was a team break for the latest new product and I missed out. Now, it doesn't bother me at all. ...

    Sheesh, maybe I'll be out of the hobby in another year.

  3. Who cares if Wisdom is on the Rangers... he's pictured with the Cardinals on that sweet piece of cardboard. Congratulations on beating the odds and landing that in the break.

  4. I remember watching Wisdom play in Peoria... seemed like a good dude. I didn't realize he was called up last year and it's also news to me that he was swapped to the Rangers.
    Regardless, nice loot!

  5. I find it fascinating that Carpenter still doesn't use batting gloves.

  6. Congrats on pulling the Wisdom auto! I agree with Fuji, it might be a buummer he's no longer a redbird, but it's a great looking Cardinals card. Crackin Wax seems like a great place to buy into a break.

  7. Congrats on getting that Patrick Wisdom auto, great pickup. I picked a jumbo box on Feb. 2 and got a silver pack '84 chrome orange Patrick Wisdom #'d out of 25. I also get into group break with Crackin' Wax. I think I'm in the same package deal you're in. I had the Cubs in their Series 1 group break and I'll be posting my share soon.

  8. The Ozzie is really nice. I prefer Yadi in his catchers gear but still a nice card.


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