Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cards from The Collector

These cards are some true gems. 

There's just a handful of hours remaining before the big NCAA tournament (you know the one) gets started. If you're a huge procrastinator like myself, take this as your final reminder and get yourself signed up and pickin'.

Chris, The Collector, sent along some cards late last year, including this Dillon Brooks rookie card that I thought I'd use for good luck (Ducks) for the tournament.

He's not my favorite Blazer or anything, mostly because of how he left the team. Still, this is a fantastic looking LaMarcus Aldridge card, and it's numbered to just 49.

Here's a parallel DeFo for my Ducks football collection. Nice!

Chris upped the Hamm Count by one. I still need more Hamm(s).

This is from a 1979 TCMA release that I had never seen before. It's the "Baseball History Series", and the unnamed player on the front is Eddie Kazak. It lists his team as the Detroit Tigers on the back, but he never played for them. Strange.

This is one of those flagship Topps inserts that seems too nice and smooth to be dropped into a pack, but it was probably a hobby pack at least. No retail for this snob.

Finally, here's a literal touchdown machine in Royce Freeman, who is the all-time Pac-12 leader in TDs. And yards. And lots of other stuff.


Chris said...

So that's where that McGwire insert I forgot to take it off my TCDB tradelist when I sent it to you, and "traded" it to someone else after. D'oh!

Good luck to your Ducks! I'm working on another PWE for you, but I've misplaced your address. If you email it to me I'll get some more Blazers/Ducks/Cardinals out to you soon.

Bulldog said...

Nice cards. Hadn't seen the Aldridge card. Great looking McGwire.

Fuji said...

I remember those Topps Gallery of Greats inserts. I really liked the flagship copies that were matted.

Jon said...

I don't begrudge LaMarcus in the least. I do wish that he would've stayed, and I do think that he'll probably look back and regret the decision, but it was his decision, and his decision alone to make.