Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Truly Random

An eclectic collection of... hits? 

As many of you know, Area 40 aka JBF aka Wes went out blogging (blogged out?) with a bang this winter with a massive megabreak. He was an extremely generous trader who seemingly single-handedly kept the USPS in business over the years. I didn't get the word about the last big break until many, many slots were claimed, but I couldn't resist the option to add something truly strange to my collection. And, so, here we are.

None of these cards are real fits for my collection, so if anything here catches your eye, feel free to let me know! I may hang on to the Eagles cards as they sort of exist on the periphery of my collection, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to part with them.

I can't say tennis is my area of expertise, but couldn't they have found a better picture of Mr. Bhupathis? It looks like he was primarily known as a doubles champ. Every time I ever tried to pick up a tennis racket, I would end up hitting the ball way too hard. Badminton was more my game.

Here is a football guy wearing what appears to be Packers colors, but he could have picked up these duds at a mall for all I know. A quick check of the ol' Wikipedia tells me that Casey Hayward did in fact play for Green Bay and he also was selected to two Pro Bowls. Consider me football humbled.

This was back when all rookie cards were numbered for some reason.

Wheeler was a 5th round pick of the Diamondbacks back in 2010, but has been out of pro baseball for a few years.

Here's a football guy I know, although I know him best in a Broncos jersey.

Not pictured: the actual guy who signed this piece of tape they attached to this card.

Again, a numbered rookie card of a guy I never heard of, which is sad considering I paid a lot more attention to the Eagles and the NFL in general back in 2002.

Killian was drafted a few years ago by the Rockies, but he's had a rough go of it apparently.

I also wanted to throw a couple more cards on to the pile that I ended up with after buying some repack called a "Hot Corner Box" at Target recently. It was... not so hot.

I remember Rodgers being an Astros prospect at one time. It looks like he may still be in their system.

This guy has a unique name... and signature. I can't complain about that.


  1. Wes boosted a lot of collections over the years... including mine. Hope he's enjoying blogging retirement.

  2. Wow, you really did get there late! Is everyone supposed to start sending you their unwanted tennis autographs now? :)

  3. Cool cards. That 1st UD card is nice looking. Tennis guy photo is awkward. Good stuff. Karl Mecklenburg card is a good one. Maybe he went to USC?


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