Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pictures from a COMC Purchase

I bought cards! 

While the Trail Blazers were making their playoff run, I went a little wild with some purchases from COMC. I didn't really feel like turning on the scanner today, but I wanted to get a post up, so I am just showing off the scans that I did for the cards I bought that needed to be added to TCDB. If this post is a little Blazers-heavy, it's not entirely representative of all that I purchased.

If you're familiar with my purchasing habits, I only go for the stuff that is cheap. This Moe Harkless auto (Magic uniform, Blazers logo) certainly fit the bill. I was more excited about the Buck Williams auto, of course, but it's nice to pick up a few gems of players from the memorable 2018-19 team. I wonder if I should look into getting a Seth Curry auto while I'm at it.

I've never even see a pack of 2018-19 Panini Certified, but that didn't stop me from snagging a few insert and parallels from the set.

These red-white-and-blue candy striped Prizm parallels are particularly impressive when in hand.

Can anyone tell Select designs from different seasons/subsets apart? I certainly can't. For some reason, no one had scanned or uploaded a single Select base card image to TCDB from the current year's set. I don't think there's a heavy basketball card base there.

More candy striped madness. CJ was the MVP of the Denver series after Dame's heroics vs. OKC.

Meyers Leonard picked an interesting time to play his best basketball of his seven year NBA career. With an increased offensive role in the doomed series against the Warriors, he went off in games 3 and 4. It was fun to see, kind of like these awkward draft day photos.

Here's a slick red numbered parallel of big man Nurk.

More stripes, more Nurk!

Actual proof that I did buy Cardinals cards. Hey, they didn't need my scans, I guess!


  1. Back when I was in third and fourth grade, a lot of kids (myself included) used to make Blazers signs/slogans from notebook paper and tape them to the sides of our desks (teacher's didn't care). These signs were only done during the playoffs, and of course would vary depending on who the team was playing, after all of these years the only one that I can remember is from when the Blazers were playing the Lakers... "Buck and Duck say yuck to Magic".

  2. Great Buck Williams auto and really like the Lillard Energizers card too. Good stuff and you can never go wrong with Trail Blazer cards.

  3. I like how Panini has included a lot of the hall of very good players from the 80's and 90's on their autograph checklists. When I was really into hoops, I loved following the stats of guys like Buck Williams.


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