Thursday, June 27, 2019

Two Cardinals and Some Gwynns

A @flywheels Affordable Group Break from the mid-'90s. 

It's been awhile, but back in the wintertime, Colbey from Cardboard Collections hosted another Affordable Group Break. This time it featured some boxes from the mid-'90s, specifically 1995 Zenith, Summit and Sportflix.

I ended up with just two Cardinals cards that were needs, but they ended up completely finishing off my team set. Not bad!

I had the Padres as my second team, which meant there was plenty of Gwynn Goodness. I'll show off all the Gwynn cards here. If anyone has any other mid-'90s Padres team set needs, let me know.

Tony is looking down at the silver Padres logo and making sure it shows the right team! (If you're familiar with this set at all, they messed up a lot of team logos.)

I think a "Bat Speed" subset would have worked a lot better on a Sportflix design, don't you?

Speaking of which, here are some 'Flix. Did anyone call it that? Probably not.

Hey, look at that! It's an insert card. '90s inserts can be surprisingly difficult to find, so this was a nice pull. The Cards were still pretty lousy in this era, so there aren't a ton of great St. Louis inserts from the first half of the '90s. The arrival of the La Russa era (not to mention Big Mac) would eventually change that.

I have a few of these Gwynns earmarked for Community Gum, but there's still a small stack of Padres that I'll be adding to my tradables.

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  1. I've always called them Sportflix, but I'm guessing there are collectors out there abbreviated the name. That Hammer Team insert is very cool!


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