Thursday, July 25, 2019

'90s Cardinals Doing '90s Things

So excited! 

As I get ready to catch a few more Cardinals games (this time at Busch!), here's some good stuff from a huge stack of cards sent by All Cardinals All The Time that I received back in late February. The Ray Lankford collector extraordinaire sent me a ton of his dupes from some very neglected areas of my '90s section. (I'm pretending here that I have a section specifically for the '90s.)

Brian Jordan is just signing a helmet. He has big arms! Well, I can only confirm here that he has one big arm. It would be weird if the other one was normal sized.

I don't have a ton of Eck cards seeing as how his time with the Cardinals was a bit limited, so it's always nice to get one that I didn't have.

Having the most Ray Lankford cards on the planet (I imagine, at least) means that you've even got dupes of 1st Day Issue parallels. That's awesome.

I am not really sure what Ray is doing right here.

I clearly wasn't paying as close attention to the team as I do now back in 1997, since I used to get Mark Sweeney confused with Mike Sweeney on a regular basis. I should have remembered Sweeney from the EA game Triple Play '97, which I played a ton on the PC at the time (instead of watching real baseball, apparently.)

It wouldn't be the '90s (and specifically the '90s in Cardinals) without a fancy Big Mac card. He'll never be one of my favorite players, but this scanned well and I like it.

Early Matt Morris! With an unpeeled protector!

We finally say goodbye to the '90s (not that these cards were in any significant order) with this Metal Universe Edgar Renteria from 2000. These scan a bit better than most of your typical foilboard cards. Is that because of the unique texture?

Finally, I collected quite a bit of the 1990 Panini Sticker album set, but I didn't realize that the following year's stickers were so small. These are just slightly wider (and shorter) than a "tobacco" mini.

Go Cardinals!


  1. The 1999 Flair Showcase Row 2 cards are awesome! Always liked seeing the player's jersey number in the background.

  2. Always glad to help out a fellow Cardinals fan. Even better I can clear space while doing it.


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