Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cardinals vs. Mariners: Game 1

The Cards face Seattle tonight without their would-be All-Star. 

It was brutal timing when Marcell Ozuna went down after sliding into a base and jamming (i.e. breaking) some fingers the other day. It wasn't just brutal for me, personally, knowing I had tickets to tonight's game, but for the team as well. Ozuna has nearly twice as many RBI as his next most successful teammate, and despite his fairly pedestrian batting average, was being lobbied for as the Cardinals lone All-Star selection.

The nod, instead, goes to Paul DeJong, who will likely be on the field tonight (please don't, like, also jam your fingers!) with the rest of the Redbirds as they take the field and try to improve on their .500 June. The losses and overall lifelessness of the offense have been more than frustrating, but there is still a full half-season to play with and no real obvious signs of things that should be corrected or set ablaze.

Come on, guys, let's get some hits! I will be rocking the Ozzie Smith '80s practice jersey tonight.

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