Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bunches of Blazers from Billy

@ElCaminoBilly more than doubles my Shawn Kemp collection, and more! 

Billy from Cardboard History sent a long a bunch of Trail Blazers cards back in mid-spring which were largely from sets I haven't seen much of, if at all. Everything that I added to my collection was firmly from the Bob Whitsitt/"Jail Blazers" era, which also happens to be the most successful the team had been since the early '90s, at least up until this past season's run to the conference finals.

There were tons of Shawn Kemp cards in the package, which greatly expanded the number of cards I have of him (keepers, that is.) Kemp wasn't around the team long, and was certainly in a diminished state in his time here.


Cliffy... no, Clifford was one of the last holdovers from the days with Drexler, et al. He is absolutely throwing it down on this card. Nice!

Here's an interesting looking set that I'd never heard of. Topps Xpectations?! Sounds Xciting!

Here's the headbanded Portland native Damon Stoudamire. Stoudamire anchored two of those Western Conference Finals teams but was also a lightning rod of criticism at times during his Blazers run.

Topps didn't have a ton of history to draw on, but I still like the idea of Topps basketball cards (and Heritage, especially). They've been gone for nearly a decade now, which sucks. Maybe they'll make a re-re-rebirth someday? (I have a lot of issues with Panini, but I won't get into that here.)

Thanks again to Billy!


  1. Glad you like! I already have most base cards from that era so when I got a bunch of these in a collection last year I knew I had something to send you. Glad you needed them!

  2. I'm gonna have to start trying to get some more cards from Billy!


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