Saturday, September 7, 2019

Good Luck Ducks, Week 2: Home Opener

The Ducks try to get last week's bitter taste out of their collective mouths as they face Nevada. 

This is the part where I usually talk about last week's game, but I'd rather not remember it at all. Oregon, in recent years anyway, it starting to build a reputation for completely flopping in the second half (see last year's Stanford game, something something repressed memories) and generally failing to look like the same football team that started the game. Wait, I wasn't going to talk about it, was I?

This is the part where I start talking about this week's game and say something about, I don't know, Justin Herbert? Justin Herbert is fine. He'll probably be fine? He knocked knees with some dude on the other team at one point, I think? But last week is just a fading memory.

And here is the part where I say something about whoever the Ducks are playing today. They are the, uh, Wolf Pack? They went 8-5 last season, including a tight Arizona Bowl victory over dreaded Arkansas State. See, I'm prepared.

  • The Last Game: We went over this, kind of. Oregon looked like they had a special season going for a couple of quarters, at least. Please wipe my memory.
  • Know Your Opponent: Nevada wants to start well in order to pull off the upset this week. Good starts... hmm... maybe not always the key to victory?
  • The Unis!: All green. I love this the most. Well, unless they bust out a throwback this season.
  • Mario Cristobal's "Crystal Ball" prediction: Mario is "looking forward to the opportunity to get back to Autzen Stadium." As I see it, yes.
  • Luke Skyywalker's Crystal Balls say: Nevada is home to the most of the legalized gambling in the western states. Luke and the Crew have probably done their fair share of deeds in the Sagebrush State. If it's an adult show you have to be 18
Game time is 4:30 PM PDT on the Pac-12 Network. Roxy Bernstein, Anthony Herron and Jill Savage are on the call. Go Ducks!

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