Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Group Break or Trade Post?

Cardinals cards from @batcavelv to celebrate a great day in the playoff race. 

The Cards won a day game rubber match over the Nationals today while the Cubs and Brewers both dropped games at home, so I thought I'd celebrate a bit with... you guessed it... some more Cardinals cards! Back in May, I received a bunch of goodies from Tracy's Box Breaks. I believe this was part of his group break that was announced in April, but with so many extras it can easily pass for a beefy trade package.

While they're no '59s, I always love getting cards from 1960 Topps. Ron Kline only spent a single season with St. Louis, and was new to the team when this card was made as the jerseys in these photos are not recognizable.

I had never seen one of these "hot box foil" Allen & Ginter cards in person until I got this rookie year Luke Weaver card. Like most foil-backed cards, this pretty much looks exactly the same as his regular base card counterpart when scanned.

Tracy included a bunch of cards from the 1992 Upper Deck Minors set that I was missing, including what surely is now my oldest John Mabry card. All that hard work at putting together my Cardinals minor league want list is starting to pay off!

2019 Opening Day mega boxes were part of the break. I'm not sure if I ever saw one of these in the stores, so it was great to pull a couple of these exclusive red parallels. Red looks good on this team.

A new Rick Ankiel card! In 2018! This is an exciting development. Along with the former lefty hurler-turned-slugger, several more cards from this fancy Topps Archives Snapshots set were along for the ride. I really like the idea and the design of these and will happily give anything like this a home. I've had a really hard time motivating myself to buy into to the Topps online exclusive products, but stuff like this makes it tempting.

Finally, it's a shiny refractor of the Cardinals mending flamethrower. These look a little nicer than normal this year on the 1970 Topps design, especially when given a fairly blank background that this Hicks card has.


Fuji said...

Those red parallels are awesome... especially for teams featuring red.

Brett Alan said...

Kline is definitely wearing a Pirates uniform (with some airbrushing) on that card.

Archives Snapshots really are beautiful cards. They're quite pricey, but I try to pick them up on the cheap when I can.

Bulldog said...

Those red parallels work great with Cardinal colors. Good stuff.