Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Menagerie of Minis (and More)

Set needs and Cardinals needs in another @nightowlcards delivery. 

I think I've just about made it through July's trade packages to be featured here. The problem is that it's already November somehow. The year is pretty much almost over. I might have to do something I mostly try to avoid and double up on the trade posts (i.e. two packages, two traders, one post.) We'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, look at all of these glorious minis! You can click if you want to see them for real. These, of course, came from super blogger Hall of Famer Night Owl Cards. Most of the ones near the bottom feature the late lamented Old Planter on the back, whose likeness Topps apparently executed and didn't leave a trace of the body sometime back.

Night Owl sent other, larger Ginter set needs as well as this old need from the 2014 Topps Heritage set. I wonder if Topps Heritage 2065 will feature an Election Interference News Flashback card.

In the team collection department was this "cloth" sticker version of Paul Goldschmidt's 2019 Topps Heritage card. I put "cloth" in quotes because the material they use for these is even more suspicious (and possibly caustic?) than the original stuff. I feel like the original cloth sticker cards tend to turn weird colors over time, so it would be creepier if nothing at all happened to their 2019 counterparts.

Finally, here's a short printed Matt Carpenter, on top of the world. He was coming off of a monster second half in 2018 when this photo (presumably) was taken and signed a lucrative contract extension early this year. It did not go well for him in 2019 and it's felt like it's time to move on for awhile now. However, there's that pesky contract to be dealt with, and it's certainly possible Carpenter has some sort of bounceback year... right? Let's hope so.


night owl said...

I'd love to hear the story on why Topps offed Old Planter. It's probably some boring legalese thing but still want to know.

Fuji said...

Topps didn't use Old Planter this year? Wow. I guess I've been a little distracted this year. That's a total shame. He's one of the first things that pops into my head when I think of A&G.