Monday, November 4, 2019

All Four Sports

All that's missing is something from the MLS? 

Doug aka buckstorecards sent along another fun package over the summer that included cards from the four major sports, as he is wont to do. I picked up some more Oregon Ducks football guys (one will be featured in an upcoming post), as well as pro football guys, hockey guys, basketball guys... maybe even a Cardinal?

Hell yes there was a St. Louis Cardinal! This year's Panini Leather & Lumber product was an interesting gamble, and a couple of others fortunes have turned into my fortunes via trades. I bought a discounted blaster myself and it was definitely fun to look at, but didn't end up with one of these cool baseball chunk signatures. Daniel Ponce de Leon's future with the Cardinals still remains a bit unclear, but it seems like he's got the upper hand on a 26(!) man roster spot next season even if we don't know what his role will be yet.

On the pro football side of things, I really like the design and overall look of this Panini Legacy set. Alshon Jeffery may unfortunately be recently known for a huge dropped pass in last year's playoff run, but I still like what he's done with the Eagles overall. He's a big guy and is usually sure-handed. Usually.

Doug always sends over St. Louis Blues cards, none of which I've ever seen before. I just don't usually look at hockey cards. Backes was the longtime ex-Blues player who had the misfortune of being on the wrong side of the improbable Stanley Cup win in St. Louis.

There were Blazers basketball cards as well! Of course there were. This is Jermaine O'Neal in his rookie year (he was 17!) in the SkyBox Z-Force set. This was a set where they forced Z's into the names of all of their inserts. This is a Zebut. It looks like Z-Butt to me.

I decided to scan this one in the sleeve it came in mostly to make fun of Qyntel Woods, who was a mostly ridiculous person who also did something reprehensible (dog fighting... seriously?!) I also want to believe that someone (obviously not Doug) was actually was trying to charge $10 for this card at one point. Sure, it's numbered, but it's uh... Qyntel Woods. I wouldn't normally scan a Qyntel Woods card. In fact, Michael Vick is the reason I stopped watching the Eagles altogether for a few years and I definitely don't want his cards at all.

I started things off with a bang and I'm ending them with a bang, too. Here's a rookie year autograph numbered to 99 of a Ducks star who is logging quality time in the league now. He's in a bit of a time share at his position, but I feel like he's definitely proven himself as an NFL quality talent at this point.

Thanks again to Doug for all of the sports!

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  1. Quintel was a joke! I'd say he was one of the Blazers worst draft picks, but there have been so many that I don't know where he would actually fall on that list.


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