Monday, November 25, 2019

That Shine

Shiny Cardinals and more from @CommunityGum (not pictured: the "more".) 

I'm closed to putting a wrap on this summer's trading card wheelings and dealings via mail. Next is up this latest bunch from Jon of the always excellent Community Gum. My home computer and my scanner are not on speaking terms at the moment, so I won't be showing off any of the cards from the big stack of 2019 Heritage and 2018 Allen & Ginter cards I received from Jon that are for my set collecting needs.

I do have what I scanned late in the summer from this package, including one of these numbered Jim Edmonds cards from an old Leaf Sportscasters insert concept. This is one of those things where there are so many different versions of the same inserts that it all makes you a bit dizzy. I just like these a lot because they remind me of the old square educational cards I used to have as a kid. I think they featured some sort of nature scenes or wild animals or something.

For this Reciprocal parallel from an Ionix set, Upper Deck must have used the kind of ink that runs when they stamped these, I guess. Much like the first card in this post, the rest of J.D.'s card shows that shiny cards just generally look better in my scanner.

Jon sent over a bunch of Cardinals cards from the new-at-the-time Panini Prizm set, including this fancy numbered (to 299) Wizard thing.

Tyler O'Neill is featured on another Prizm parallel, this time of the Carolina Blue variety. Carolina Blue is vastly superior to any other blue, if you live in, uh, the Carolinas.

Here's proof once again that the whole no-license, no-logo thing doesn't look so bad on catchers when they're wearing their full gear. Unfortunately, that's probably only something like 2% of the baseball cards Panini produces these days.

Thanks again to Community Gum!


  1. That Ozzie Prizm sure is great! I really dig the Edmunds too, even though I had no idea that they were still making Bowman's Best.

  2. Ozzie Smith never has a bad baseball card - even without logos. And the high socks always look cool, especially O'Neill's.


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