Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Reader Bob Strikes Again

More intriguing Redbirds stuff from over the years. 

A few weeks back I wrote about a package of stuff from a first-time trade partner who stumbled across this blog once upon a time. On the heels of receiving that package was another one with some more great Cardinals cards to add to my collection.

Steve Carlton's early days with St. Louis were long before my time, so I appreciate it when I come across a card of Lefty that I don't have where he's wearing the Birds on the Bat.

Here's J.D. Drew on a numbered card from back in 2003, which was in turning flashing back to his days as a rookie in the late '90s. Now that it's some sixteen years later, the whole flashback thing seems a bit silly.

In a better example of a flashback, here's one from one of those Fleer Greats sets that I love. This is the one from 2004 that has a raised frame border. The cards look great, even if most of the ones I've seen have some chipping on the edges.

I mostly ignored this Sportflics release from 1986 (Decade Greats) because it was the first year I was collecting, and I was also still in grade school. The last thing I wanted to care about was a bunch of old ghosts in black & white shots. Now, of course, I find the history fascinating and want these all (well, just Cardinals) in my collection.

Thanks again for the great stuff from Bob!

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  1. I'm really hoping to stumble across the 1986 Sportflics Decade Greats boxed set at the flea market or a card show for a buck or two. I'd love to flip through that set and read the card backs.


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