Sunday, November 17, 2019

Foil Stamped Cardinals That Will Make You Flip

The first of several trade packages from a kind reader. 

Reader Bob contacted me back in August with an offer to send me a bunch of stuff from my want list, which I gladly accepted. He's since sent more follow-up packages that I haven't even got to post about yet, all filled with good stuff. Here's just a few of the awesome things from package numero uno.

Aside from a strange one-off release in 2008, the Stadium Club brand returned for good for the first time since the early oughts in 2014. This cool card of Matt Holliday celebrating with Matt Adams (there were a lot of Matts on the team in those days) is foiled stamped with a Members Only seal. I think these had a pretty low print run.

The embarrassing thing for me as a big Ozzie Smith fan and collector is that this photo has struck me as strange since the 2019 Stadium Club set came out back in the summer. I don't think it's from his playing days, because he looks a bit older and... are those dress pants and shoes? What is this? I suppose it could be from his Hall inauguration, but I'm not sure if he was in backflipping shape by then. I don't recognize the background (it looks like a public school to me), though I suppose with the wonders of Photoshop you could put Ozzie doing the flip in front of almost anything you want. I'm sure a minute or two of research could answer these questions for me, but I'm going to choose blissful ignorance for now.

Here's another stamped limited edition of a card already in my collection, featuring the smug look of one Carl Dale.

Bob also dropped a couple of minor league cards on me that I couldn't actually find a slot for in TCDB. This is something I really should be researching. This card features the late Chris Duncan.

Here's another one of those mystery minor league cards. I wish minor league checklists were easier to track down.

Ooh, fancy die cut SPx cards. They don't really make cards like this anymore. (Well, maybe they do for hockey still. Do any NHL collectors still like Upper Deck?)

Finally, here's a Topps card from 1993 that I only recently heard of its existence. It very much does not look like something Topps would have produced in the junk wax era. It kind of has more of a Score vibe to me. This Commanders of the Hill set was a standalone release that was only available on military bases, or so the internet tells me.

Thanks again to Bob for the very cool and interesting Cardinals stuff. There's plenty more where this came from.


  1. Ozzie is indeed doing a flip outside of the Hall of Fame on that card. Definitely an interesting photo.

  2. I often choose ignorant bliss over answers as well, but not because I enjoy being ignorant... I just really don't like having to Google things!

  3. Until two weeks ago I had never seen those Commanders of the Hill cards. Now I think I've seen them on three different blogs. The Ozzie is an awesome card, and I don't think I've seen Henke on an insert/parallel card before.

    Also, as a hockey card collector I am officially sick of Upper Deck and I wish Topps and/or Panini would be granted an NHL license again. I'll even take Leaf at this point.

  4. Oh I miss the days of tearing into TSC and hoping to see one of those holographic first day issue stamps.


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