Tuesday, March 16, 2021

35 Years of Collecting

Turning back the clock on a @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay to a simpler time. 
1986 was the first year that I bought baseball cards. With Donruss and (eventually) Fleer selling for well above retail price, suffice it to say that I bought my fair share of Topps that year. Who would pay more than 35 cents for a pack of cards, anyway?! The latest (well, until my mail arrived yesterday) batch of breaks from Crackin' Wax included a jumbo box of 2021 Topps Series 1, which like previous years commemorates the 35th anniversary of one of their '80s sets. In this break, I was able to finish off my Cardinals base team set and also struck big with a numbered black bordered jersey card of Jack Flaherty. The white jersey clashes a bit with Flaherty's red spring training uniform, but it's okay.

I know what you're thinking now. This is the wrong red team! I actually ended up with two of three (?) jumbo box hits because I was assigned the Reds as my random team. This one heads to my trade box, of course.

I also snagged a "silver pack" Paul Goldschmidt card for my own collection. I never know what to call the background pattern on these cards, but they always look pretty nice in direct light.

The other break I participated in included a box of Allen & Ginter X and a regular Allen & Ginter box. With the former, I was able to chip away at the team want list a little bit with these two Cardinals from different eras.

I won't bore you with the details of the basic Allen & Ginter break, but I did add a decent sized stack of cards to my barely worked on set build. These two A's minis were probably the most interesting thing I found.


  1. Goldschmidt wins this round. Kind of seems like Paul Goldstein tweaked his surname in honor of Mike Schmidt's greatness.

  2. The Flaherty looks like bottom half might be gray, but would look cool as an all black design.

  3. I've already said it before, but the retired players always look the best on those Ginter X cards.

  4. I also started collecting in '86 - Topps in particular but some Fleer as well. I didn't see much Donruss until 1988 - and then it was everywhere :/

    The Goldy shiny is neat. I might have to pick up some 35th Anniversary singles.

  5. Hey.

    I guess I won something back in February. Apparently your messages got caught in the comment snafu. Thanks.



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