Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Standing Tall!

A #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax brings home some minor league guys and a new toy. 
I took a brief pause on group breaks for a bit there (how many versions of Bowman do we need crammed down our throats?) but was back at it recently for a minor league box break from your friendly neighborhood charity breaker Crackin' Wax. As has been well documented here, I'm a big fan of Topps Heritage and the concept translates reasonably well to Topps' minor league offerings.

Even though they came around in different eras, I'm always going to confuse this guy with Chance Caple. What are the chances (ha!) that the same organization gets two different baseball players with names like this?

Elehuris Montero was one of the players sent to Colorado in the Arenado deal. I'm not sure if he figures into the Rockies plans at this point, but he was one of the players I'd actually heard of in that strange trade.

Andrew Knizner (KIZZ-nur... don't ask me why) is a better known player at this point, and looks to have a good shot at landing the Cardinals backup catcher spot this season without much in the way of veteran help in the organization. The age old dilemma has been what to do if you're a Cardinals catcher and your name isn't Yadier, but if Knizner has any chance of being the team's catcher of the future, it would be nice to see him play at least once a week.

Card stands (is that what they're called) are all the rage these days, as people, typically those that sell cards online, tend to prefer them over straight scans because they can show off more of a card physical characteristics. People also like to use them just to show off, of course, because people tend to like to show off. Of course, I immediately went out and took a low res photo to show off this new (randomly free) piece of merch. I'm sure I can do better next time with my photo skills.


  1. I'm gonna miss Yadi when the day comes, but cool to see a possible heir. Maybe I should get one of those new fangled card stands. My scanner is junk.

  2. That first kid looks so young!!!!


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