Saturday, May 29, 2021

Mariners, Nationals, Anyone?

Some cards from other teams in recent @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay breaks. 
There are a ton of teams that have had no claims in the Spring Cleaning extravaganza. Perhaps I can entice someone with some Mariners inserts that I picked up as my random team in a recent Crackin' Wax box break?

Evan White has a career .544 OPS, so I'm not sure he was going to be a good pick for Rookie of the Year. But perhaps he'll be good someday, maybe?

This is my first Jarred Kelenic card. He's one of the top prospects in the game, but it looks like he is still trying to figure out big league pitching at this point.

If you're not into the Mariners... what about the Nationals? This numbered to 99 card could easily be yours!

If you're a fan of one of the other 28 teams, of course, feel free to check out the post as well.

I also have a few Cardinals cards to show off from the recent breaks. I was able to finish off the "paper" prospects set from 2021 Bowman, which means I can pretty much mentally put that set out of my mind. Of course, I'd still be interested in any needed inserts, parallels and fancy things from this set if anyone has it laying around.

When the 2017 Topps Fire set came out, about the only thing that was interesting to me was that Jim Edmonds was finally getting a new post-career Cardinals card for me to chase. How silly is it, then, that this ended up being the last base card I needed from the team set. It only took me four years to acquire this card. Weird.

There wasn't a lot to talk about in the 2020 Allen & Ginter X break, but I did add a Stan the Man base card to my collection.

I didn't end up "hit"-less, however. This red spring training swatch of the former Cardinal-turned-Astro Aledmys Diaz is numbered to 110 and shines brightly in person. It's pretty cool.


  1. White won the Gold Glove for AL 1B in 2020. But yeah - hitting is more important.

  2. The Futurist cards look cool. I need to pick up the Jasson Dominguez.

  3. Are you allowing collectors to pick another team on top of the one they have already chosen for the spring cleaning giveaway? If so, I would be interested in the Oakland A's to possibly land a few Mark McGwire cards for my newest player collection.

  4. Thanks for the reminder and for your generosity!

  5. I gave it a bit before commenting, but it seems nobody wants the M's. If you are really wanting to offload them, I wouldn't mind some Mariners. Looks like nobody went for the Mets either, strange. I could take some of those too!


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