Saturday, August 9, 2008

2007 Turkey Red Blaster

I bought a blaster of 2007 Turkey Red off eBay recently. I decided that I need to get these cards off of my desk soon and sorted into my collection, so I am going to post the results here. Pack 1 was spotlighted on A Pack A Day, so here I will talk about packs 2 through 8. In some cases the "bonus pack" in a blaster is just a few exclusive inserts or a memorarelic card, but this one just adds one extra pack to the 7 you are already paying for, saving $1 or something.

Pack 2:
147 - Joe Mauer
30 - B*rry B*nds
41 - Barry Zito
59 - Carlos Beltran
56 - Chase Utley Ad-Back SP
148 - Joe Nathan
28 - Alejandro De Aza RC

42 - "Dice-K" Daisuke Matsuzaka Checklist

Pack 3:

11 - Kenji Johjima
12 - Orlando Hernandez
97 - Don Kelly RC
46 - Billy Wagner
122 - Roy Oswalt
58 - Carl Crawford
6 - Corey Patterson
23 - Adrian Gonzalez

Pack 4:
1 - Ryan Howard (loves St. Louis, born in St. Louis, kills St. Louis)
104 - Eric Chavez
181 - Mark Teahen
137 - Jason Schmidt
99 - Dustin Moseley
19 - Mickey Mantle (one of many)
129 - Jack Wilson

69 - Nick Swisher (Nick seems to be saying "dawwww...")

Pack 5:
91 - Delmon Young RC
34 - Mickey Mantle (2 in a row)
159 - Johan Santana
154 - Travis Buck RC

160 - Ivan Rodriguez (can't complain about him being a Yankee because, well, has he ever been associated exclusively with one team?)
110 - Daisuke Matsuzaka RC (probably the card in the box with the most "value" and hence the only card with significant visible damage)
54 - Brian Giles
112 - Ramon Hernandez

Pack 6:
150 - Ken Griffey Jr.
141 - Kevin Kouzmanoff RC

186 - Yovani Gallardo RC (helped me out on my fantasy team last year... not so much this year)
95 - Derek Jeter
167 - Mickey Mantle (same guy, different card)
171 - Kelly Johnson SP
79 - Curtis Granderson

26 - Frank Thomas

Pack 7:

15 - Ichiro Suzuki (I'm pretty sure he's on speaking terms with the devil)
126 - J.D. Drew
100 - Gary Sheffield
114 - Gary Matthews Jr.
24 - Akinora Iwamura RC
156 - Travis 1/2ner
86 - David DeJesus
145 - Jim Thome

Pack 8:
45 - Billy Butler RC
52 - Brandon Wood RC
130 - David Ortiz

88 - Tim Lincecum RC (he looks like an awkward young guy... not sure this card looks anything like him, though)
39 - Micah Owings RC

162 - Troy Glaus (posing one last time before he gets ready to be a Cardinal)
38 - Tim Hudson
48 - "Prince Albert" Albert Pujols Checklist

As seems to be the case these days, there was only one Cardinal in the bunch and it waited until the very last card of the very last pack to show its face. The base set is fairly small, so hopefully I am close to completing it. I don't really want to think about what it will cost me to get the SPs that I don't have. Does anyone want any early 90s Pro Set football cards? I have plenty of those!


kevincrumbs said...

I hate to say it but I've always thought that the Turkey Red stuff looked really awful. I don't know, maybe they're beautiful in person?

madding said...

I think they look better in person. They have these weird raised bumps on them... probably some trick they first used on basketball cards in the 90s or something.

mmosley said...

Turkey Red has been my favorite for the past few years. It doesn't look like it will make an appearance this year.

Oh yea, I'm playing you in the big scratch off tourney. Watch out!

madding said...

Hey, I know how to scratch (virtually) when the game is on the line!