Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Box of the High Stuff

I picked up a blaster of 2008 Topps Heritage High Series (this product has a longer name, but there's a good chance I'll nod off in my chair before I finish typing it and you finish reading it.) I keep hearing that they put out jumbo packs of this stuff which are a better deal, but I've never seen it. I've yet to get a relic card out of a Heritage product, so I was hoping to get one here. After this, I may actually put together my Heritage wantlist, which will be gigantic.

Pack 1:
569 - Josh Fields

515 - Chris Volstad (RC)
513 - Darin Erstad
585 - Minnesota Twins
525 - Matt Harrison (RC)
719 - Brad Ziegler (RC) (First pack and an SP right off the bat. Nice.)
UH232 - Geovany Soto
UH72 - Pete Orr

Pack 2:

618 - Matt Diaz (I swear Diaz is saying "dude, what stinks in here?")
616 - Brian Schneider
571 - Gerald Laird
638 - Jose Arredondo (RC)
614 - Russell Branyan
665 - Texas Rangers (I've gotten those last four cards in a row a couple of times now.)
UH109 - Alberto Callaspo
UH132 - Jorge de la Rosa

Pack 3:
608 - Ben Francisco
606 - Brian Moehler

669 - Aaron Miles (Miles is one of 4 Cardinals from the 2006 Championship team to go to the Cubs.)
672 - Taylor Teagarden (RC)
643 - Jeff Mathis

ROA-OC - Orlando Cepeda Auto (I just stopped and stared at this card for a few seconds before I realized what it was. Let's just say that I'm not used to getting autographed cards, let alone ones of Hall of Famers!)
UH32 - Cody Ross
UH167 - Justin Morneau Home Run Derby (I don't think I even glanced at these U&H cards, to be honest.)

Pack 4 (I'm sure it's all down hill from here...):

519 - Max Scherzer (RC)
526 - C.J. Wilson
547 - Jay Bruce (RC)
612 - Jeff Baker
613 - Houston Astros (Booooooooooooo!)

ROA-CK - Clayton Kershaw Auto (Someone really wants me to become a Kershaw fan. I have no idea how I got two autos in a row. It sounds like something is screwy here, but I'm not complaining!)
690 - Jonathan Sanchez (SP)
UH18 - Andy Phillips
UH97 - Sean Gallagher

Pack 5:
645 - Masahide Kobayashi (RC)
671 - Chris Davis (RC)

603 - Joel Pineiro
594 - Joe Mather (RC) (I'm doing well in the Cardinals department, for once. I have yet to get a Black Back card, though, which is very weird.)
685 - Ryan Raburn

C280 - Jose Castillo Chrome 0095 / 1959 (I probably don't deserve to get any more inserts at this point. I guess someone decided I deserved Jose Castillo.)
UH26 - Chris Iannetta
UH66 - Robinson Cancel

Pack 6:
625 - Greg Dobbs
553 - Brandon Lyon (Lyon is still a free agent if anyone is interested in a reliever that ruins certain people's fantasy baseball teams.)
575 - Jerry Hairston
666 - Jason Michaels (I have tons of this card.)
622 - John Baker

RP7 - Jeff Samardzija Rookie Performers
UH266 - Rob Mackowiak
UH244 - Brandon Webb All-Stars

Pack 7:
588 - Alexi Casilla
586 - Cody Ross

684 - Jo-Joe Reyes (Aw, poor Jo-Jo looks sad.)
582 - Florida Marlins
607 - Kevin Millar
704 - Kenny Rogers (SP) (I'll never forget the "brown discoloration" on his hand.)
UH298 - Dan Haren All-Stars
UH234 - Carl Pavano

Pack 8 (Last pack... let's see if I get any Black Backs):
568 - Damion Easley
521 - Angel Pagan
679 - Erick Aybar
514 - Brandon Backe Black Back (There we go. Backe is annoying, though.)
538 - Brian Buscher Black Back (Ooo...kay.)

TN1 - Ernie Banks / Jimmy Rollins Then & Now
UH40 - Jon Rauch
UH162 - Eric Stults

Well, there you have it. Hopefully I won't get struck by lightning next time I'm on my way to buy some baseball cards.


  1. HOLY SMOKES! Forget the Cepeda auto. Must have Kershaw!

    There are bloggers everywhere pulling Kershaws. I think I have 2.

    The other thought I had, which was long forgotten after the two autos was: I have to find where they sell jumbo packs of these.

  2. I'm wondering if they're at Wal-Marts that actually stock cards (mine seem to either not stock any or stock very few) or another store I get to even less like K-Mart.

  3. wow - your blaster was 10 times better than my 2 hobby boxs... well done!

  4. Wow - Two autos out of a blaster?!?! Nice work.

    night owl - I see the jumbos at St. Louis area Targets all the time.

  5. Blaster beats my three hobby packs. I think I pulled a Steve Pearce "Relic" and a couple of chromey cards.

    not just two autos but two pretty good autos. I think that my have to go into the blaster Hall of Fame.

  6. I've bought 3 or 4 blasters plus a hobby box and I haven't pulled one auto! That's quite the blaster!

  7. Holy crap on a stick, nice pulls. You should drive to Minneapolis and pick out my blasters for me; TWO AUTOS?!? Well played.

    Plus the Chrome and a pair of other inserts... not a bad blaster; must have been a fun open.

  8. HOLY SCHNIKEYS! I bought a hobby box and got Nikita Khrushchev. I wish I had tried my luck with a blaster, nice pulls dude!

  9. I know you've heard it, but nice blaster.

    Who says retail sucks?

  10. Whoa! That was probably the best blaster of Heritage I have ever seen. Loaded with SPs, refractors, inserts and autos. I'd say you def. got your money's worth.

  11. Yeah ... it was a fun open for HIM ... I opened a Goudey blaster simultaneously and didn't have even half his luck.

    He did choose 3 Allen and Ginter packs for me -- and they weren't good. So the luck that day only befell upon his own purchase.

  12. Holy shneikies... Damn, that's a good blaster.


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