Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

This post serves two purposes. One, it allows me to finally organize all of the 2009 Topps cards I've purchased so far. And two, I can show here that the cereal boxes are a great value and worth the price. Not to mention, the boxes are awesome. I was expecting a larger box and a bunch of styrofoam filler, but instead they are the size of those single-serving cereal boxes from the variety boxes you used to be able to buy (maybe you still can). I guess that was the point. I'm a little slow.

On the other hand... hobby packs... not such a great value.

Cereal Box (purchased at a Fred Meyer for 9.99):
77 - Jed Lowrie
8 - Terry Francona
53 - Jonathan Sanchez
130 - Vladimir Guerrero
154 - A.J. Pierzynski
212 - Denard Span (I drafted him a couple of times. Don't let me down, Mr. Span!)
56 - Edwin Encarnacion (He's incredibly overrated, at least when it comes to fantasy drafts, but I like that he's around so I can continue to hear Gary Thorne mangle his name when he announces it.)
136 - Tim Hudson
193 - Zack Greinke
106 - Marlon Byrd
60 - Mariano Rivera
128 - Johnny Cueto
230 - Justin Upton
70 - Jermaine Dye
308 - Chris Duncan (Got it already.)
73 - Shane Victorino
180 - Cliff Lee
174 - James Shields
1 - Alex Rodriguez
186 - Ryan Madson
233 - Erik Bedard
253 - Edgar Renteria
203 - Jair Jurrjens
266 - Todd Wellemeyer
286 - Odalis Perez
81 - Ryan Howard / Adam Dunn / Carlos Delgado NL HR Leaders
43 - Joe Mauer / Dustin Pedroia / Milton Bradley AL BA Leaders
4 - Chipper Jones / Albert Pujols / Matt Holliday NL BA Leaders (3 Cardinals already, but I've got them all.)
153 - Lastings Milledge
TTT18 - Miguel Cabrera Topps Town

LG19 - Bob Gibson Legends of the Game (Nice! Needed this.)

TR37 - Kevin Kouzmanoff Turkey Red (Needed this, too.)
97 - Willie Harris
108 - Alcides Escobar (RC)
121 - Greg Golson (RC)
137 - Angel Salome (RC)
144 - Matt Tuiasosopo (RC) (Last of a string of four straight rookies.)
13 - Ryan Langerhans
164 - Bob Geren
287 - Greg Maddux (This card should be #1 or something, not A-Rod.)
325 - Dustin McGowan
322 - John Buck
214 - Scott Elbert (RC)
172 - Yadier Molina (Ahhh... got it already.)
30 - Ken Griffey Jr.
183 - Jason Michaels
141 - Mark Teahen
72 - David Dellucci
11 - Fernando Tatis
189 - Jay Payton
249 - Jack Hannahan
55 - J.J. Hardy
294 - Brandon Boggs
194 - Jeremy Guthrie
306 - Javier Vazquez (Whoo. That was a lot cards. But wait, there's one more...)

GR-6 - Cy Young Legends Gold Chrome Refractor (Man, these cards look amazing, in that shiny sort of way.)

I ended up purchasing 3 hobby packs awhile back for $7. For purposes of this blog post, it would have been more effective had I bought $10 worth of hobby packs, but we'll just have to deal with it. Basically, with these packs it seems like you're paying slightly more money for 2 fewer cards and possibly a tiny chance of pulling something that you are less likely to get with a retail pack. But, to be honest, I have no idea what that is.

Pack 1:

68 - Kyle Lohse (Nice start - I needed this one.)
124 - Reed Johnson
241 - David Newhan
153 - Lastings Milledge

289 - Josh Banks Gold 0603 / 2009 (He spent some time with the Portland Beavers last season.)
TTT4 - Brandon Webb Topps Town
315 - Hiroki Kuroda
329 - Gil Meche
151 - Carl Pavano

Pack 2:
67 - Andruw Jones (Is quickly becoming the punchline to jokes.)
129 - Angel Berroa
154 - A.J. Pierzynski
278 - Phillies Postseason Highlights
TR26 - Cristian Guzman Turkey Red (Arrrgh. Already have it.)
TTT13 - Albert Pujols Topps Town
22 - Evan Longoria / David Price First Rate
46 - Brad Ziegler
17 - Bobby Cox
109 - Tom Gorzelanny (He was sent down to the minors the other day.)

Pack 3:
75 - Rich Harden (There should be a Rich Harden Injury Pool.)
35 - David Price (RC) (I was afraid to draft this guy.)
163 - Ross Gload
270 - Grady Sizemore (Drafted by the Expos along with Cliff Lee. Oops.)
263 - Elijah Dukes

LG25 - Cal Ripken Jr. Legends of the Game
TTT5 - Evan Longoria Topps Town
- Topps Attax Code
248 - Scott Lewis (RC)
72 - David Dellucci
11 - Fernando Tatis

Now I'm off to sort these cards. I'll be checking people's want lists that I trade with to see if anyone still needs help finishing their sets.


  1. I have nothing to say here other than: you can still get the packages of individual cereal boxes at the grocery store.

    As the grocery shopper in the family, I'm required to know things like this.

  2. I like the cereal boxes too but was distracted by the blasters, blaster mutations, and those Franken-patch cards. We need to sit down and figure out what cards Isaac needs to finish this set out as well (I'm going for the Turkey Reds but haven't been too motivated to actually impart any effort.

  3. "I was expecting a larger box and a bunch of styrofoam filler, but instead they are the size of those single-serving cereal boxes from the variety boxes you used to be able to buy (maybe you still can). I guess that was the point. I'm a little slow."

    You also don't LISTEN! I told you what the cereal boxes looked like -- and told you they were like the mini cereal boxes they (still sell) in stores. Why do I bother talking at all ... Sheesh!

  4. I know you mentioned that, Erin, but I was having trouble picturing it for whatever reason. I guess I hadn't seen one of those miniature cereal boxes in years and years.

  5. All talk of cereal boxes aside, if you're looking for a home for that killer Cy Young, I know a very a happy place for it!! :-)

    And in case subtlety doesn't work - I'd love to have the Cy Young! :-)

    And for the record, I have a mini cereal box of Sugar Smacks in the pantry as I write.


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